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Khloé Kardashian/Instagram

Khloé Kardashian and daughter True were living life to the fullest on their tropical vacation. The reality star and her baby girl spent some lovely days at the beach with Kim Kardashian and her four kids, and the photos are to die for. Although Khloé didn't disclose their location, Kim said they had taken a family trip to the Bahamas and it seemed like the most beautiful getaway. 

Khloé adores making memories with her baby and even though a fan tried to shame her for posting so many photos, she is not letting anyone get in the way of their time together. A fan commented on one of her photos saying she was using True as "an accessory" and Khloé was not having it. She responded saying she would continue spending time with her kid and sharing those moments on social media. Good for her! 

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Khloé and True spent some time on the beach, surrounded by white sand and crystal clear blue water. The Good American founder made sure to pose for tons of pics and also spent her time playing on the sand with her daughter. 

Khloé has been looking better than ever these days, and her killer body looks amazing in all the bathing suits she wore. Of course, she and True also wore matching swimwear during the trip and it's so adorable. Scroll through to see some of the cutest pics Khloé shared from her family vacation.  

Khloé looked so beautiful while sitting by the shore. 1

The blue of the ocean is so breathtaking! Baby True was busy playing with the sand in a cute silver bathing suit, while her mom sat close by. 


Khloé feels really fortunate for these moments with her girl. 2

Khloé shared some more adorable pics and captioned the post: "I still can’t get over our beautiful vacation location. This beach is a slice of heaven! Lord, thank You! Forever and always, thank You!!"


Khloé took in some sun rays in a tiny bikin. 3

This baby blue bikini Khloé wore just made her tan pop even more. Not just that, but her body looks so good! Little baby True also looks like she's enjoying her time in the sun.

Koko really seems to be enjoying the mom life. 4

True was buried in the sand by her mamá and they looked like they're having so much fun. She captioned this pic, "🐚 My beach baby and Me 🐚."


Khloé made sure to show off her abs. 5

Khloé was for sure bikini ready for this vacation. Her legs look super toned and her ab muscles were more than ready to be shown off.


Chicago and True were snacking on some yummy chips. 6

The little ones enjoyed some snacks during the vacation and it's proof that not even these Kardashian babies can resist the taste of Cheetos.


These two really love the beach. 7

True is definitely enjoying this playtime on the beach. Khloé is spending as much time as possible with her little girl, and it's the cutest. 

True's vacation look was on point with those sunglasses. 8

Cousins Chicago and True stayed hydrated while looking glamorous during the trip. True's stylish baby sunglasses are everything, and we need a pair for ourselves!


Khloé's bathing suits for this trip were amazing! 9

Khloé showed off her fit physique while tanning on a boat and posing for pics. Not only does her body look great, but that cheetah print bikini is so cute. 

The mom and daughter duo went to visit some pigs. 10

The pair visited the famous pigs in the Bahamas. "True is still processing how she feels about the pigs 🐷," Khloé captioned the pic. "I think the other pigs are still sleeping. It’s early."


Khloé is looking better than ever! 11

The nice tan definitely made her toned body look even more incredible. We love seeing her live her life to the fullest and looking so good.

Khloé will always have these pics to look back on. 12

No matter how much time passes, Khloé will always be able to look back on these stunning photos and remember all the beautiful times she shared with her little girl. 


What an experience this must be! 13

A lot of celebrities have been heading to the Bahamas to have this experience of swimming with pigs on the beach. Now Khloé and True have enjoyed this together and the pics are stunning!