cardozo hotel
Getty Images/Cardozo Hotel

Gloria Estefan and her husband, Emilio Estefan, have breathed new life into their Cardozo South Beach Hotel -- and it's a beauty. The hotel is located in a prime location of Miami, right on Ocean Drive, and it is everything you expect during a stay in the popular city. The couple unveiled the newly renovated hotel and held a grand opening in June, and it looks like the $15 million dollars they invested into it surely paid off. 

The Art Deco-inspired Cardozo Hotel was built in 1939 and has 41 guest rooms and suites throughout its three floors, and Gloria is known to have said that she dreamed of owning it as a child. Fast-forward to 2019, and the singer and her husband have reinvented the hotel--all while maintaining its distinct style. 

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They have redecorated the interior of the hotel, and the vibe is now more refined, luxurious, and contemporary to match the style of nearby hotels. And who understands Miami better than them? One look at the photos of the interior and it is clear that the new rooms were designed to make you feel like you are in Miami's South Beach.

The all-white decor with flashy gold accents gives the same chic and lively energy that the city is known for. There are gorgeous rooms available that boast oceanfront views right from the comfort of your king-size bed. It is definitely worth considering as a place to stay during your next trip to South Beach. Scroll through to see the multimillion-dollar renovation that took place inside Gloria and Emilio's hotel. 

The exterior is perfect for South Beach. 1

Found right on Ocean Drive, the couple's hotel is in a prime location. The bright lights and white exterior make it a quintessential Miami hotel, and being just across the street from the beach makes it the perfect place to stay.


There are rooms with oceanfront views. 2

This oceanfront penthouse looks perfect enough to live in. Stay here and you'll surely feel like Miami royalty, while taking in the gorgeous views of South Beach.


The rooms are to die for. 3

This room with views of the courtyard is just so pretty. The furniture is sleek, and the clean lines make this room so modern. Going to sleep in this king-size bed would feel just right after a night on the town.

The location is just perfect. 4

In the bedrooms facing the ocean, you can take in the views of the beach, which is just across the street, while you rest comfortably in a luxurious king-size bed.


The suites are so chic. 5

The junior suites are so spacious and so chic. The all-white decor makes this room just perfect for Miami. 


The gold details in the restrooms are just gorgeous. 6

Glass shower doors always elevate how a bathroom looks. The gold accents all over the bathroom make this just flashy enough for a South Beach vacation.


The VIP room is so luxurious. 7

The couple really went all out to elevate their hotel. This beautiful VIP room will make their guests feel extra special. 

There is also a gorgeous courtyard. 8

While South Beach is filled with restaurants, bars, and hotels, having a quiet place to relax is key. This courtyard is perfect for that, and just so cute.