A baby in Argentina was found alive in her casket after being pronounced dead

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Every parent's nightmare is losing a childAnalía Boutet from Argentina thought she was living that when she went to a morgue to say goodbye to her baby girl, who was pronounced dead by doctors. When she arrived, she found out that sometimes miracles do happen. 

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Luz Milagros was born six months into her mom's pregnancy after a painful and arduous labor, and a nurse delivered the sad news to her mom that the baby had not made it. The grieving mom was faced with a miracle when she went to see her baby one last time and found herself in front of quite the surprise when she heard her baby cry. 

The mom was sure that something was going horribly wrong from the start.

The mom was diagnosed with placenta previa and was told the baby had to be delivered through a C-section, but she ended up giving birth vaginally four days later. "They did everything wrong from the beginning," the mom told Infobae. "They touched me several times, no matter how much I told them to look at my medical history and not do it. In one of the touches I feel like they broke my sac. I told the doctor and she told me I was wrong, that I had peed. How could I be wrong? I knew what it was like to break the sac, if I already had four children. "


The mom claims the doctors weren't sensitive to the situation at hand.

This happened in April 2012, and on April 3 of that year, things took a turn. "They monitored me, we didn't feel the heart beats and they took me urgently to the delivery room. While they were monitoring, they asked me how many children I had, and I answered 'four.' The response was 'Ahhh, well,' as if saying 'you already have a lot, one more, one less.'" 


After giving birth, the mom was asked if she wanted to know her baby's cause of death.

The family was informed that the baby had not survived the delivery, but the mom claims no one was able to see the baby's body before they had to head to the cemetery to present the death certificate. "At about 10 p.m. I reacted and said that I wanted to go to the morgue to say goodbye to my daughter," she said. Analía headed to the morgue with her then husband, her brother, and her sister-in-law. "They took out the box from a cooling chamber and put it on the counter. Nobody wanted to see, they asked me not to see it so I wouldn't keep that image, but I wanted to say goodbye."

Luckily for mom, that ended up being a wise decision.

Her then husband was able to pry open the casket where his daughter was placed at the time, and the mom looked inside. "When he managed to open it he took a step back, everyone walked away. Luz was covered with a cloth, I ran it back in slow motion. First I saw the miniature hand and grabbed it. Then I saw that she had the purple body and frost had formed. When I uncovered her face, she was looking at me. Her eyes were bright and she cried, kind of like a crying kitty."

The baby survived the ordeal but died of an infection in June 2013. The mom opened up to InfoBae about her loss, and said she hasn't been the same since. The family has a lawsuit pending toward the state of Chavo in Argentina and the doctors involved in the child's delivery. 

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