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Every summer Kourtney Kardashian packs her bags, grabs her three kids, and takes them on a gorgeous and lavish vacation. This year, the family headed back to Italy, and it looks like their summer trip was more beautiful than ever. The mom of three shared the most gorgeous pics of her kids and of herself during their stay, and it looked like the type of vacation most people can only dream of. 

They enjoyed boat rides, gelato, breakfasts with a view, and some sunshine together, and it's proof that Kourt truly knows how to vacation in a luxurious way. The best part is that she also knows how to pack accordingly, both for her and her little ones--Mason, Penelope, and Reign. 

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Kourt has always been a true fashionista, and she has passed that down to her kids, especially her daughter Penelope. The mom-and-daughter duo posed for pics showing off their best vacay style, and they are the absolute cutest. 

The lifestyle blogger was joined on the trip by some of her close friends, like Simon Huck, and they seem to have had the most wonderful and relaxing time together. So much so that she even quipped about possibly moving to Italy for good. Based on the photos she has shared, we totally don't blame her. Scroll through to check them out for yourself. 

Kourt and her longtime friend were living their best lives. 1

Kourt and friend Simon Huck looked incredible as they took in some sunrays during a boat ride in Portofino. What a good life!


The caption for this gorgeous pic stole the spotlight. 2

Kourtney was made fun of for using "dived" instead of "dove." She wrote: "We dived to see the statue of Il Cristo degli Abissi underwater (not pictured) but this is us right before😎😊." The real issue here is if you choose to focus on the words instead of Kourt and Reign's stunning pic. 


She's been living the luxurious life. 3

Sipping collagen tea in a gold-covered room dressed like a movie star? Sign us up for that kind of vacation. 

Kourt looked so cute in her yellow bikini. 4

She might be in the land of pasta and bread, but Kourtney still looks like a million bucks in this two-piece bikini. She has such a youthful spirit and really shines when she's in Italy.


It seems like gold and yellow was the theme for this vacay. 5

She looked gorgeous in a silk yellow dress that made her suntan stand out even more. Kourt has some of the best vacay style, and this dress is proof of that.


Kourt is all about eating clean when she's home. 6

She's known for following a gluten-free diet and is always aware of what she eats. But when she's on vacation, she throws all the rules out of the window and lets herself indulge. 


Little Penelope is just as stylish as her mom. 7

Have you ever seen a kid this stylish? Her little hat paired with the bright yellow shirt is proof that Kourt has passed down her style genes to her kids, especially her little girl.

The mom and daughter stuck to the yellow theme. 8

This cute little yellow sundress makes Penelope fit right in with the gorgeous Italian surroundings. It looks like they raided their closets for every yellow piece of clothing they own!


Kourt couldn't help but share another pic of this moment. 9

A good Instagram pic is all about the backdrop, the outfit, and the pose. Kourt totally nailed this shot and looked amazing while sitting on a rock. 

Kourt is in full vacation mode. 10

The mother of three is never too shy to show off her super-toned body. She wore a teeny-tiny bikini and posed for pics in front of a stunning pool.


Kourt really went all out with her bikini poses. 11

Raising three kids, starring in a TV show, and running her own lifestyle website has to be exhausting. But it looks like Kourt really knows how to squeeze some rest and relaxation into her busy schedule. 

Penelope's European style is on point. 12

Can you believe how fashionable this little one is? Kourt's daughter posed with a cute flower dress, and she paired it with her very own Louis Vuitton mini purse.


Reign is all about the boat life! 13

Reign Disick was bouncing around the couches in this yacht his mom chartered during the trip. He might be young, but he's already used to this lifestyle.

There's nothing like a good vacation breakfast. 14

Kourtney and the kids enjoyed a great breakfast with a view during their trip. Going back to your day-to-day life must be hard after waking up to this for a few days.


Dinnertime doesn't look half bad, either. 15

Dinnertime doesn't look half bad, either.

Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

This setup is so beautiful and fit for a queen. She really knows how to treat herself to a relaxing and luxurious vacation.

Kourt takes the coolest vacation shots. 16

Look at how stunning this pic is! Kourtney and her kids will have a lot of great photographs to look back on from their summer vacations. 


When in Italy, gelato is a must-have. 17

Little P looked like she was enjoying her gelato to the fullest. Every moment in the beautiful streets of Italy calls for a photo shoot. 

Mason was so into his gelato. 18

Kourtney's firstborn had himself quite a treat! We love that no matter where she goes, her kids are always by her side. 


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