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There are a lot of decisions that go into getting a tattoo--or at least there should be so that you don't end up regretting it later in life. One of those decisions that might not be the first to come to mind is where on your body to get the tattoo. If you're thinking of getting one that you want to see regularly, may we suggest a wrist tattoo?

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What's great about a wrist tattoo is that you can use it to inspire yourself. Think about it. A wrist is prime real estate for your eyeballs. Want to remind yourself of what's truly important to you with an inspirational tattoo? Well, putting it on your backside isn't going to do much to inspire you because you will rarely see it, but it might inspire your boo.

OK, now that we've got you considering a wrist tattoo, may we pretty please provide you with some inspiration? We've gathered together some of our favorite examples. You can use these examples as springboards to create something that is perfect for you.

A simple heart can say so much. 1

A heart is the universal symbol for love. Getting a tattoo of a heart on your wrist can serve as a reminder to make all decisions based on love.


Never forget that you are always free. 2

Life is hard at times and can make you feel trapped. But the truth is that you are always free to choose. You can choose to change your situation. It may not be an easy choice to make, but it's a choice.


Create a charm bracelet that you can add to. 3

You know how part of the charm of a charm bracelet is that you can keep adding charms to it? Well, who says you can't do the same thing with a charm bracelet tattoo?

Give yourself your favorite gem. 4

You could choose a gem tattoo based on your birth month and the corresponding gemstone. Or you could just get a gem or crystal that is of significance to you for whatever reason.


Commit to yourself. 5

Love yourself through thick and thin. Self-love is a beautiful thing that we should all practice.


Honor the never-ending love you have for a pet. 6

If you've ever had pets, you know that the love you feel for them is strong and everlasting. Why not honor the bond you share with your pet with a sweet tattoo like this one?


A lock and key for you and your love is perfect. 7

How about a couple's wrist tattoo? You could get matching ones or opt for something like this lock and key design.

A semicolon tattoo honors a commitment to continue. 8

"A semicolon is used when an author could've chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you, and the sentence is your life," explains the Project Semicolon website. A semicolon tattoo serves as a symbol of solidarity for those facing mental health challenges.

If you--or anyone you know--are thinking about attempting suicide, please call the toll-free, 24/7 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.


For the guerrera that you are. 9

This tattoo incorporates the semicolon tattoo within it. The arrow below the word "warrior" seems to take on a couple of meanings in this instance. It's a literal arrow and also a reminder not to give up but rather keep on going.

What's your mantra? 10

Mantras are a great way to stay motivated. Whatever your mantra is, having it on your wrist is a great way to reinforce it.


Remind yourself of your passions. 11

Whatever you are passionate about, make time for it. Don't let life, work, or anything else get in the way. A small wrist tattoo symbolizing whatever it is that gets your juices flowing will always be there to gently coax you into doing what you love to do.

Do you love coffee? 12

Coffee lovers unite! If you are devoted to coffee, show your devotion with some body art.


Pick a letter. 13

It could be your initial, someone else's initial, or the first letter of a word that you hold close to your heart. Choose a single letter in a font that you adore to adorn your wrist.

Focus on what you want. 14

What do you want? Name it, claim it, and wear it with pride. This tattoo idea is so simple but so powerful, don't you think?


Do you follow your mind or your heart? 15

Do you find yourself torn between your mind and your heart? We all do, which is why these dual wrist tattoos are so compelling.

Is your heart filled with faith? 16

Are you the kind of person who is driven and inspired by faith? If so, consider getting a design that expresses the importance of your faith.


Be inspired by music. 17

There is so much inspiration to be found in music. You could get a musical note, the lyrics of a favorite song, or an instrument tattoo.

You don't have to see your guardian angel to know you have one. 18

Sometimes it feels like we are being protected by invisible forces. Who's to say it isn't a guardian angel?


Feeling stressed? Breathe. 19

Your breath is a powerful tool. Unfortunately, during moments of stress, it's easy to forget to BREATHE.

You can have the moon if you want it. 20

Before you even commit to getting a moon wrist tattoo, you can do like this person did and draw it on with a marker. That way you can play around with the size and placement.


Do you love to travel? 21

Show it right on your wrist with this beautiful ink of a plane making a heart symbol. This style of tat could represent any number of interests; just replace the little plane with anything else that is dear to your heart.

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