kylie jenner cars
Kylie Jenner/Instagram

There's nothing some celebrities love more than showing off their lavish lifestyles. After all, a lot of them worked hard to get to where they are, so why not share their luxurious life with the world? One thing stars love to show off is their cars. A brand-new luxury vehicle is often among the first purchases celebrities make when they make it big, and some celebs eventually build a better collection than most car dealerships offer.

Kylie Jenner is one star who absolutely loves cars. The makeup mogul has created quite a collection in her garage. Some of them she bought for herself, while others were gifts from her man, Travis Scott. She has also spoiled some of her closest loved ones with vehicles, and that seems like the type of gift billionaires give to the people they love. If we all had that type of money, we probably would spoil those around us, too.

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Some celebrities have a few cars sitting in their garage that they don't even use! For example, Cardi B has received some high-end cars as gifts from her husband, Offset, and the rapper doesn't even drive! But one thing is for sure--wherever she goes, she'll always arrive in style. 

A lot of stars pose for Instagram photos with cars that they don't even own, but it still makes for a cool picture, right? Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it, even if it means taking a picture with someone else's Maybach. Scroll through to see pics of celebrities who love to show off their luxurious rides. 

Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to make us all feel poor. 1

Kylie lined up her massive collection of luxury vehicles for this Instagram photo--as if one expensive car wasn't enough! Kylie once again proved that the life of a billionaire is completely different from the lives the rest of us live.


Maluma sat comfortably on this Mercedes truck. 2

This car is just so stunning. The singer was living it up in Miami, and he showed off the wheels he was using to ride around the fun city. Not bad, Maluma, not bad!


Alex Rodriguez makes sure his family always rides in style. 3

The former baseball player has a few luxury cars lined up in his garage. He takes carpooling seriously and always makes sure his kids show up to school in the hottest cars money can buy.

Cardi B got a casual gift from her husband. 4

Offset gifted Cardi with a Lamborghini truck, and it is beautiful. She definitely has to have a driver on hand, because she doesn't like to drive.


Kim Kardashian has always loved cars. 5

Since her show premiered more than a decade ago and she purchased her first Bentley, it's been clear that Kim has a passion for luxury rides. This photo of her coming out of a Maybach belongs in a museum. 


Alexa Dellanos casually matched her clothes to her Ferrari. 6

Her clothes perfectly matched the red-and-black interior of her sports car. How much more lavish can Alexa's life get?


Nicky Jam just loves posing with his cars. 7

The reggaetonero definitely loves his rides. We don't blame him! He definitely has a few super-cool cars, and they are too pretty not to photograph.

J Balvin did some wishful thinking. 8

Although it's not his Maybach, the singer posed in front of it anyway because it's the car he wants. Sometimes you have to visualize what you want and then go after it!


Cristiano Ronaldo had to flex on his fans with this pic. 9

Cristiano couldn't stop showing off his Bugatti when he purchased it in 2017. He looks so good sitting on top of it, and that car is a total dream.

Canelo was loving this car with suicide doors. 10

The boxer couldn't help but pose in front of this white sports car. Those doors are so epic, and we would've done the same!


Luis Fonsi looked so handsome inside this car. 11

The singer absolutely loves cars, and one look at his Instagram makes that clear. He's often sharing pics of himself driving and looking so handsome inside some pretty cool rides. 

Nicki Minaj loves showing off her cool cars. 12

The rapper often features amazing cars in her music videos, but she also rides them in real life. Check out this purple Rolls-Royce. It is any woman's dream.


Leo Messi had one gorgeous ride during a vacation with his family. 13

This Jeep is such a cool car. It looks like Leo and his cute family definitely enjoyed it. 

DJ Khaled is all about living large. 14

The DJ loves treating himself to the finer things in life. He often posts photos of his rides, planes, and boats on Instagram, and he sure is enjoying all of his success.


Kendall Jenner is proof that girls can like cars, too. 15

The supermodel is a big fan of vintage cars and has slowly built a collection of rides just like her little sister Kylie. This pink one is so beautiful.

Ozuna looks overjoyed with his cars. 16

That Rolls-Royce behind him is fit for royalty. The singer matched his outfit to the luxury wheels behind him, and he looks like the perfect example of success.