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Sofia Vergara

Happy birthday to Sofía Vergara, who has been celebrating turning 47 years old big time with her hunky hubby Joe Manganiello. Sofia's birthday is on July 10, but the couple has been celebrating for DAYS. The two have been enjoying time together on vacation in Italy, and they've been kind enough to document the trip on social media so the rest of us can live vicariously through them. They both look amazing because they always do, but they also look incredibly happy.

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If Sofía feels any sort of worries about getting older while working in Hollywood, where youth is prized and women over 40 are seen as ancient, she certainly isn't showing it. Instead, she exudes pride, confidence, and sheer joy. And why shouldn't she? She certainly appears to be living her best life.

Oh, and while on vacation, she and Joe are also celebrating five years of being together and loving each other. The couple began dating in July 2014, fell in love, got engaged six months into their relationship, and were married in November 2015. And now look at the lovebirds enjoying some time off together in Italy.

And so it begins. 1

"Summer vacation🌞🍕🍝🍾 #our5thaniversary❤️❤️❤️," Sofía captioned this photo of what appears to be the beginning of their summer celebration. Note the hashtag acknowledging five years of being together.


Sofía's got her priorities straight. 2

See that red arrow? It's pointing to Joe. Sofia captioned this picture, "He gets the elevator I get the selfi😂😂😂🍕 #summernights." Pretty funny, no?


Warm nights seem to suit Sofía just fine. 3

Warm nights seem to suit Sofía just fine.

Sofia Vergara/Instagram

"Happy nights❤️❤️❤️🍕🍾," she wrote as the description for this snap. She certainly looks happy. And that dress is perfection on her.

Check out the spread! 4

We hope Sofía tried one of everything, because it all looks so good. Plus, how can you go to Italy and not indulge in the food? It would be a sin.


Check out Joe checking out the spread. 5

How can anyone resist that scrumptiousness? We're talking about the food, not Joe.


Here's Joe on a boat. 6

Where could Joe be going on the boat? According to the caption, he's "Going to lunch🐟🦐🦑."


Don't worry about Sofía. 7

Sofía was headed to lunch, too. She's just on the opposite side of the boat, getting some sun on her shoulders. And that's another dress that is perfection on her.

She loves him and the place. 8

She loves him and the place.

Sofia Vergara/Instagram

"My favorite place with my favorite❤️❤️❤️❤️🍕🍾," writes Sofía. Look at how sweetly she's gazing at Joe here. They do make the most adorable couple, right?


They also goofed around with the locals. 9

Doesn't Sofía look statuesque in this photo? She fits right in with the local statues.

She is surrounded by beauty. 10

"Theres only beauty every where!!!!❤️❤️❤️," writes Sofía, and who can argue with her? Especially when she and Joe are adding even more beauty to the surrounding beauty.


Guess who made Sofía's bathing suit? 11

Sofía answers the question in the caption that goes with this image: "When in Italy... @dolcegabbana !!!! 🐆🐆🐆❤️❤️." That is a beautiful swimsuit. Do you think she bought it while in Italy or already had it?

Dinner and tableside music for the birthday girl, please. 12

"Perfect summer nights🦐🍾," she captions this photo. Wish we were there, Sofía. Wish we were there.


This is so freakin' hot! 13

Just so there is no misunderstanding, we're referring to the HOT coffee in this photo. Although, Joe is looking pretty hot, too.

The view from their bedroom. 14

This is the view from the couple's bedroom at Le Sirenuse, a luxury hotel in Positano. Positano is a village on the Amalfi Coast in Campania, Italy.


Sofía is the lady in red. 15

Sofía is trying to blame Joe for feeding her too much pasta in this picture. "Ya no me des más pasta @joemanganiello 😳," she wrote. We think the lady doth protest too much. EAT ALL THE PASTA!

We are cracking up at this comment someone wrote about Joe. 16

One of Sofía's fans wrote, "[Ay], mija ya no suba fotos de este hombre así que ahorita le hacen mal de ojo de tan bello que está!!" Hilarious! She's worried about Joe being cursed because he looks so damn good.


Here are just a couple of tourists doing touristy things. 17

"Seguimos turistiando!!" reads the caption on this photo. Can we take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous skirt that Sofia is wearing? Oh, and the view is nice, too. 

This is when the birthday celebration really got going. 18

"Last night! starting to celebrate!!🍾🍾🍾🎂🍰 #47," reads the caption Sofía wrote. Let the festivities begin!


And, of course, there was cake. 19

No doubt, the cake was delicious. But you want to know what's even better? The way that Joe is looking at Sofía. Like he loves her more than cake.

This view of Capri is incredible. 20

Here they are in the waters of Capri. Loving life and each other. Felicidades, Sofía. May you continue to thrive and enjoy every moment of your life.