Many of us love tattoos. Be it because we enjoy their design, the mixed feeling of pain and pleasure when we get them inked on our skin, or the fact that they simply look amazing on our bodies, truth be told. And more people get tattooed every day. But for some it's about something else altogether: They get extra creative and get tattoos to cover scars or birthmarks, even malformations. These tattoos are not only cool, but also important to the person who gets them.

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Sometimes, our self-esteem can take a big hit because of a body imperfection we have dealt with all of our lives. There are scars, due to accidents or changes on our bodies--a surgery, pregnancy, or even an amputation--that can take a toll on the way we see ourselves. Even if cosmetic surgery seems to have reached a point where it can fix absolutely anything, some people simply can't afford it and need to explore a different route.

That's why getting a tattoo to cover up a spot someone has been self-conscious of for years is sure to make that person feel 100% again. Nobody wants to be the center of attention due to a scar or a birthmark. These tattoos are super creative and those who have gotten them have found a way to hide things that, although in the grand scheme of things shouldn't matter much, have probably ended up making them feel bad for years.

A creative way to deal with tragedy. 1

For people who have lost fingers due to work accidents, this type of nail tattoo can be a blessing and cover what, in many other ways, is a great tragedy.


A pronounced birthmark can turn into the best tattoo. 2

This is a big birthmark in a visible area. With some creativity and a good tattoo artist, this can turn into a total sign of pride. Love the vino reference! 


The biggest scar can turn into something wonderful. 3

You can do anything you want with a bit of imagination. You don't even have to actually touch the scar to "cover" it with the right tattoo.

Some ideas can be super fun. 4

Some birthmarks don't even have to be covered, but that just lend themselves for a great design that everyone will love.


Sometimes you need to make it extreme so it looks great. 5

In this case, the scar is so big that the tattoo needed to be super clever so it would work effectively. The design is spectacular: a diver actually welding his own scar.


A fish bone is a classic way to hide a scar made by stitches. 6

Plus, ankle tattoos are some of the most popular, so you are killing two birds with one stone.


You can also pay tribute to the reason why you got the scar in the first place. 7

What better way to never forget the reason why you got the scar in the first place, than to tattoo the actual reason that caused it. That's what this guy did, down to the make and model of the saw that left him that horrible scar.

Some scars can turn into great ideas. 8

Few people would want such a huge scar, but if it gets you to have a wonderful tattoo such as this, then it's not so bad.


Even when it looks too big to cover, there's a way to do it. 9

This knee scar probably left a lifelong psychological effect on this person. He or she probably never thought they'd be able to cover it, but this marvelous tattoo did the trick.

There are always delicate ways to cover the most improbable marks. 10

Not all situations are tragic. Some are simple cosmetic needs, nothing major, but the solution to cover them up can end up being beautiful and most delicate.


Stitches inspire so many creative tattoos. 11

Even when you can simply cover it up with your hair, you can find a way to give your unwanted scar a magic touch with a tattoo.

Some of these are so cool you should consider them even without a scar. 12

This solution to cover up some stitches is just too cool. So nice and full of life that, even if there were no scar, you should consider getting it tattooed.


There are times when a small trace is enough to cover the worst scar. 13

For those who simply don't love tattoos, a small delicate trace, if it's well done, can help cover an unwanted scar. In this case, this cello is just outlined, but looks wonderful.

Tattoos can be a reminder of key moments. 14

What better way to pay tribute to the hands that saved your life than to get them tattooed in such a literal way, while making the reason for your scar pretty obvious.


This burn scar became an amazing tattoo. 15

Sometimes, you need to draw the inspiration from the scar itself. In this case, and ugly burn scar became this tortoise's shell. Simply beautiful.

Adding color and action helps divert attention from the actual scar. 16

The person with this tattoo will have no issue looking at it, because it seems the scar has basically disappeared thanks to the colorful nature of the tattoo.


A great welder can fix any imperfection. 17

Even the biggest scar can become a great complement to a magnificent tattoo if you find a great design. This welder has been tattooed with tons of detail, which makes more of an impact.

A scar can be the stuff of nightmares, until you find a great tattoo artist. 18

We don't know what or who caused these scars on this girl's leg, but she was probably devastated by them. However, once the tattoo work was done, she probably could not believe how beautiful it looked.


Creativity is of utmost importance. 19

The person with this body art probably never dreamt of getting this tattoo, but her scar led her to it, and it gives her a sophisticated touch.

When in doubt: add color! 20

This tattoo is so amazing both because of its design as well as for the scar it covers. Whoever it was that had the bad luck to suffer this scar probably never thought it would become somenthing so beautiful because of the creative solution. This tattoo could very well be a life saver.


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