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Celebrities are making the most out of summer 2019. The stars are vacationing all over the world with their loved ones and sharing their special moments all over social media. While some are opting for the typical tropical getaway surrounded by beautiful beaches, others are exploring beautiful cities around the world.

The Kardashians are living it up in Italy! The famous family headed back to the European country with their kiddos, and they seem to have had the most relaxing time. A wave of celebrities have been heading to Europe, and stars like Becky G and Maluma have been making the most of their time in places like Ibiza, Spain.

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With the kids free from school over the summer, it's the perfect time for celebs with families to pack their bags and go on a much-needed relaxing trip. These famous moms and dads are taking in the sun with their kids and making the most out of their time off. And who can blame them? The best memories often come from traveling and family vacations!

Our favorite stars are jet-setting all over the world and visiting places like Morocco, the Bahamas, Mexico, and Barcelona. Looking at their stunning vacay photos is making us want to hop on a plane and enjoy some downtime with our loved ones. Scroll through to see the prettiest pics our fave celebs have shared from their summer vacations.

Salma Hayek truly glows whenever she's on vacation. 1

The actress is so full of joy wherever she goes but especially when she's on a beach vacation. She has shared so many pics of herself enjoying the water, but this one takes the cake. 


Kylie Jenner celebrated her 22nd birthday like royalty. 2

She rented a luxury super-yacht and rode it along the coast of Italy with her closest friends and family. She looked like a million bucks as she posed on the boat, which is valued at $250 million, and had one epic and lavish birthday.


Thalía is always stylish, even at the beach. 3

Even if this giant hat is bigger than she is, it's incredible to see how well she pulls this off! Her red bathing suit is such a beauty--we definitely need one like that for our closets.

Jennifer Lopez took a dip in the sea during her tour. 4

She might have been hard at work on tour, but she didn't let that stop her from having some rest and relaxation during her tour stop in Israel. She headed to the beach and shared a hot snap of herself in a little bikini.


Kourtney Kardashian was living it up in Italy for two weeks. 5

The reality star jetted off to Italy with her three kids for a vacation that was fit for royalty. Breakfasts with views, boat rides, and gelato--what more can a person want? 


Zuleyka Rivera showed off her incredible frame on vacation. 6

There is no denying that Zuleyka looks amazing, but this backdrop of her vacation in the Dominican Republic is just as amazing.


Aislinn Derbez always shares the most stunning photos. 7

It seems like Aislinn and her little family are always traveling. This time she and husband Mauricio Ochmann headed to Tulum, Mexico, with their little girl, and, of course, the pics are amazing.

Kourtney Kardashian looked like the definition of "relaxed" in Costa Rica. 8

The famous sisters have been to Costa Rica before, and they seem to love it because they keep on going back. Can we blame them? Nope. It is a beautiful country for relaxing and unwinding. 


Becky G looked so blissful while on a boat. 9

The singer is having the time of her life in Spain, wearing nothing but a teeny-tiny bikini. She shared this pic in June and captioned it: "Saw some pretty dope s--t today. 😎."

Lili Estefan ditched the beach for something different. 10

The El Gordo y La Flaca host is having the time of her life in London with her family. Her two kids joined her as she stopped by all the tourist attractions in the British city, and her pics are adorable!


Marco Antonio Solís is having quite the romantic summer getaway. 11

While most people opt for a beach vacation, the singer took his wife, Cristian Salas, to a romantic vacation in Paris, France. This photo he shared is breathtaking!

Ninel Conde made some time for a little weekend getaway. 12

Not every summer trip has to be elaborate and extensive. Ninel did a quick trip to San Francisco, California, and posed for some breathtaking photos in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.


Maluma might be on tour, but he's still vacationing. 13

The singer has been posting pics all over Europe while he's on tour, and based on his tanning photos, it seems like he's found the perfect work/life balance. That's so important!

Selena Gomez knows how to party! 14

The singer planned the most fun bachelorette weekend for her cousin, Priscilla DeLeon, in Mexico. Although Sel hasn't shared any photos herself, the other people in attendance posted some cute pics from the trip.


Maribel Guardia showed off her killer body on vacation. 15

She has every reason to smile! She was on a trip with her adorable grandson, and she posed for this pic in a red bikini, soaking in the sun and enjoying the water.

Alessandra Ambrosio was surrounded with love. 16

The supermodel headed back to Floripa, Brazil, for a little rest and relaxation and looked so happy surrounded by her little ones and a gorgeous pup. There's no better feeling than vacationing at home!


Zuleyka Rivera looked so happy during her vacay. 17

Her smile is so wide that it makes us want to smile, too! It's not every day that you're surrounded by that much beauty, so we totally understand her joy. 

Christina Milian showed off her killer bod on vacation. 18

The actress shared this amazing photo of her at the French island of Corsica wearing a cute bikini. She captioned it: "I’m in love with this place. 💛 The Isle of Beauty; Corsica."


Luis Fonsi had quite a view. 19

The singer also visited Ibiza and shared a photo of himself on his balcony, showing off his massive view and his beautiful pool. The life of the rich and famous!

Inés Gómez Mont seemed so at peace during her trip. 20

Although she didn't say where she was, Inés shared a ton of pics of herself on her family vacation. She was surrounded by her loved ones and her little ones, and she looked amazing in a one-piece bathing suit.


Myrka Dellanos has become the queen of traveling. 21

She posed for the most beautiful pic at a market in Morocco, and it looks so gorgeous there. The week prior to this pic, she was living it up in Spain, too. Must be nice!

Michelle Renaud also headed off to Spain. 22

It seems like celebs are packing their bags and heading to Europe this year. Michelle shared some gorgeous photos of herself enjoying the best spots in Barcelona, and it's making us want to book the next flight out.


Alejandro Sanz showed off his tan while on a boat. 23

The singer might've been on vacation and soaking in the sun while on a boat, but his mind was still focused on work. He shared this selfie, but in the caption he said he couldn't wait to start his tour. That's what happens when you do what you love!

Erika Buenfil was ready for some time in the pool. 24

The actress was poolside during her vacation and was fully protected from the sun with some stylish orange shades and a visor. You must stay prepared!


Greidys Gil took her family to paradise. 25

The Bahamas seem like the most appropriate place to take your kids for some summer fun. Greidys and her daughter wore matching bathing suits in this pic, and it's the sweetest thing! 

Aarón Díaz visited California. 26

Aarón looked too cool for school in a photo he shared from his trip to Venice, California, in June. 


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