Jennifer Lopez's tribute to Selena was awesome, but not everyone loved it

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

In case you've been out of the loop dealing with kids being home from school or on vacation on some remote location without access to the internet: Jennifer Lopez is on tour and she is killing it. Her It's My Party tour is a sort of extended celebration in honor of her 50th birthday on July 24 and she has filled it with surprises throughout including one of her latest where she paid tribute to Selena Quintanilla at a concert in Texas.

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Fans went crazy when J.Lo sang Selena's "Si una vez" during her tour stop in San Antonio, Texas, on Friday. She had sort of teased the surprise earlier on Twitter and the tribute makes perfect sense given that she spent time in Texas filming the movie Selena about the late Tejano singer. Check out how it all went down.

The Tweet that teased it all.

"Whenever I get to Texas I remember the beautiful time I spent here doing the movie Selena!! See you tonight San Antonio!!" Jennifer posted on Twitter, along with footage of her playing Selena in the movie and actual footage of Selena. 



Fans were beyond grateful!

Clearly, Jennifer's tribute touched the hearts of people in the audience. It certainly was the perfect something extra to give to fans in Texas. It was a great way to acknowledge the importance of Selena in Texas and in Jennifer's own life. That movie made Jennifer a superstar.



Let's be honest, though.

It would have been impossible for J.Lo to go to Texas and not mention Selena. The connection is too strong and as you can see from this particular Tweet, the audience was gonna ask for Selena no matter what.

Of course, there were haters too.

You knew this was coming because the internet wouldn't be the internet with haters. In response to J.Lo's vocals not being up to par with Selena's all we can say is: She is not trying to be Selena, she is simply paying tribute to her. Sigh.


You can watch the whole thing here.

After a little back and forth with the audience, Jennifer goes into a rendition of "Si una vez" and the crowd is so into it. The tribute is beautiful and so is listening to Jennifer reminisce about life.

Feliz cumple, Jennifer! Keep on shining.

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