Galilea Montijo
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Gemini season has arrived, and it is now in full effect. Perhaps one of the most misunderstood signs in the zodiac, Geminis are some of the most dynamic and interesting people out there. Those born between the dates May 21 and June 21 tend to carry this deep desire to learn all there is to know about life while achieving as much as possible with the time they have on earth. 

Some of the most complex and interesting celebrity figures in the entertainment world are Geminis. From celebrities who are multitalented to others who are also controversial, like Kanye West and Donald Trump, you never really know what side of the Gemini you are going to get at any given time. 

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There is a misconception that Geminis have two different personalities and can often be seen as two-faced. But the reality is that one of their main strengths is to be able to quickly adapt to their surroundings by reading a room and matching the energy. They have a depth of knowledge and wisdom and have lively internal worlds while having a charming and quick-witted exterior. 

Geminis have a great ability to excel at any task that they take on, and they can often be successful at multiple projects at once. They are considered some of the best communicators in the zodiac and often excel in careers as writers or TV personalities. Scroll through to see which celebrities are Geminis.

Kanye West is proof that a Gemini can't be contained. 1

Kanye West is proof that a Gemini can't be contained.

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The rapper is no stranger to controversy. He has always said what's on his mind, even if that means it'll land him in hot water. He's proof that there's nothing a Gemini can't accomplish. Kanye started his career as a producer, went on to become a multi-Grammy-winning rapper, and has since built a fashion empire as a designer for Adidas. There's really no way to box him in.


Paulina Rubio has always had a vibrant personality. 2

Paulina has the same energy now as she did at the start of her career. The fiery singer, who was born on June 17, has always been known as being the life of the party and being passionate in anything that she does.


Zoe Saldana has quietly become one of the most successful movie stars. 3

Born on June 19, the actress has become a powerhouse when it comes to money-making movie franchises. In 2019, she became the only actor in the history of movies who has starred in two films that have made over $2 billion dollars: Avatar and Avengers: Infinity War. Geminis know a thing or two about finding success.

Galilea Montijo has worn many hats during her career. 4

Galilea has been on TV screens for decades. She has been able to adapt throughout her career, landing roles as an actress, comedian, TV presenter, and model. Born on June 5, Galilea has the Gemini's ability to make things work while not being afraid to stand out from the rest.


Adriana Lima made a name for herself in the modeling world. 5

With piercing blue eyes and a gorgeous pout, Adriana cemented herself as one of the most famous models in the world. The Brazilian beauty, who was born on June 12, took the runway with ease, but she didn't settle for average. Like a true Gemini, the Victoria's Secret Angel made history by becoming the company's longest-running model and was named "the most valuable Victoria's Secret Angel" in 2017.


Bárbara Bermudo made her TV audience fall in love with her. 6

Born on June 5, Bárbara became a fan favorite on Spanish television. After a long 14-year run as a news anchor on Primer Impacto, Bárbara abruptly left the show in 2018, leaving many people confused and heartbroken. She has since started her own businesses and has teased her return to television with a new project. 


Donald Trump is one of the most famous Geminis. 7

Donald Trump is one of the most famous Geminis.

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Born on June 14, Donald Trump has made a name for himself in various avenues, from business and real estate mogul to reality star and now the president of the United States. The politician is leaving the world in awe with his many controversies while he's in office, while also showing that Geminis can really achieve anything they put their mind to. By any means.

Javier “Chicharito” Hernández worked tirelessly to be on top of his game. 8

Being one of Mexico's most famous and accomplished stars hasn't always been easy for Chicharito, who was born on June 1. He has made headlines over the years for his personal life, but the professional athlete has continued to come out on top in his career.


Julián Gil's personal drama has put the spotlight on him. 9

Aside from his career in novelas for over a decade, Julián has experienced personal issues that have taken center stage. There are plenty of people who supported the Gemini guy, born on June 13, during his custody battle against Marjorie de Sousa over their son, because they felt he was really honest, devoted, and committed to being in his son's life.

Born on June 7, Juan Luis Guerra has kept the world dancing for years. 10

Born on June 7, Juan Luis Guerra has kept the world dancing for years.


There's just something about his music that gets the party started. Not only are his upbeat tunes beloved by many, but his Gemini ability to write a perfectly romantic song so well has been melting people's hearts for decades. 


Eduardo Verástegui, born on May 21, has a bit of an edge to him. 11

Eduardo Verástegui, born on May 21, has a bit of an edge to him.


Mysterious and so handsome--there's something about a Gemini man that makes him irresistible. While Eduardo is extremely good-looking and a great actor, he also holds fast to his beliefs and made it a point to not just take on any acting role that went against his faith and his family. He didn't work for four years, but he stuck to his word. 

David Bisbal definitely stands out from the rest. 12

The singer, who was born on June 5, catapulted into fame because he was like nothing fans had ever seen. Not only does he sing beautifully, but his energetic vibe and gorgeous curly hair has got everyone's attention.


Naomi Campbell will go down as one of the most powerful models in history. 13

When Naomi enters a room, you feel it. The supermodel, who was born on May 22, has made history by tearing down barriers and walls for models of color. She has been featured in the biggest magazines in the world, has walked the most famous runways, and has made it a point to highlight how important representation is in the fashion industry. A true Gemini queen!

Victoria Ruffo definitely gives off major Gemini vibes. 14

Victoria Ruffo definitely gives off major Gemini vibes.


Born on May 31, Victoria is perhaps one of the most adored and respected actresses in the novela world in Mexico. She has been one of the most popular novela stars since the 1980s and shows no signs of slowing down. 


Born on June 10, Mariana Seoane is a triple threat. 15

Born on June 10, Mariana Seoane is a triple threat.


As an actress, model, and singer, Mariana Seoane brings her infectious Gemini energy to whatever project she takes on. People have been watching her evolve since she started her acting career in the '90s, and she has the most incredible presence when she performs her music onstage. 

Angelina Jolie has always been captivating. 16

Angelina Jolie has always been captivating.

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The actress, born on June 4, had such a powerful sex appeal at the start of her career, and people couldn't take their eyes off her. She has brought the same passion she had on screen to other projects, including her humanitarian efforts and her role as a mother. A Gemini can be many things in one lifetime!


Johnny Depp is for sure a Gemini. 17

Johnny Depp is for sure a Gemini.

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The actor for sure possesses the mystery of a Gemini. Born on June 9, he is one of the most sought-after movie stars. His tumultuous love life has made headlines in the past, reminding us that a Gemini can be intense behind closed doors. 

Iggy Azalea has had some controversial moments. 18

She catapulted into fame thanks to her hit song "Fancy," but her star began to dim after she was involved in several controversial feuds with other celebrities and fans. Born on June 7, the rapper is proof that Geminis' inability to hold back their tongues can often be their downfall.


Nora Salinas is such a timeless beauty. 19

Nora Salinas is such a timeless beauty.


Also born on June 7, Nora has been charming viewers with her acting skills in novelas for decades. There is something just so radiant and captivating about her, it's hard to look away.

Paul McCartney is one of the most important entertainers in the world. 20

Paul McCartney is one of the most important entertainers in the world.

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Paul McCartney, born on June 18, started his career as a bass guitarist and singer for the Beatles. After his iconic run in the rock band, he continued his career as a solo act and still brings joy to millions around the world with his music.


Maripily Rivera is proof that dedication pays off. 21

Not only is she an inspiration with her undying dedication to fitness, but she has also turned that into her own fashion and clothing empire, which focuses on clothes for the gym and booty-lifting jeans. She was born on June 15.

Fonseca's art is proof that he is a Gemini. 22

One listen to Fonseca's songs and you understand just how talented he is. He was born on May 29, and he has the Gemini's ability to flawlessly communicate his feelings through his art and songwriting.