Jenni Rivera's youngest son, Johnny, got a tattoo of his 'second mom,' Chiquis

Johnny Rivera

Johnny Lopez, Jenni Rivera's youngest son, is paying tribute to his sister, Chiquis Rivera, by getting a huge tattoo of her face on his arm. He shared some of the experience on social media. Whether you like tattoos or not, you will love the sentiment behind this brother's tribute to his sister.

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Johnny has never been shy about expressing his love for Chiquis publicly. The bond between them is strong. Remember that Johnny was only 11 years old when Jenni Rivera died. Chiquis stepped up after their tragic loss and became more than a sister to him, she became a second mother and he is forever grateful.

Take a look at the portrait on Johnny's arm.

Johnny shared a peek behind the scenes of the first session of his Chiquis tattoo on Instagram Stories. It's definitely not a small portrait. It takes up the entire lower portion of his inner arm.


Why get a tattoo of Chiquis?

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my forever partner in life

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Johnny thinks of Chiquis as his "forever partner" in life. She has been there for him through thick and thin and obviously he does not take her support or love for granted. He treasures their relationship.


This isn't his first tribute tattoo.

In February 2018, when he turned 18, Johnny shared a tattoo he got of Jenni. This particular tattoo is also large and on the upper part of his arm.

The portrait of Jenni is heartbreaking and sweet.

Jenni looks up from his shoulder with a sweet smile on her face. It's a loving tribute from a son who lost his mother much too soon.


He feels blessed to have two mother figures.

The caption on this photo of both Chiquis and Jenni says it all. Johnny wrote this last Mother's Day: "i can write a million things every year to tell you both how much i appreciate you. how grateful i am for your roles in my life. i’m not a perfect kid nor an astounding person but i know i have you two to thank for making sure i got through every tough moment, for making me brave, strong, and firm. i was fortunate enough to be blessed with two mothers in this life and i’m forever grateful to god for giving me them."

To Johnny we say: Johnny, you are wrong because you are an astounding person. Your ability to express your love for the two women who have had such an impact in your life is astounding and truly beautiful. May you never stop being so candid with your affection, it is a treasure.

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