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Father's Day is that one day of the year when you want to show your appreciation for the man in your life who is always there. No matter what the issue may be, no matter how the tough gets going, your father--or your kids' father--is the man who steps up to the plate when all else fails, and that's worth recognition. Whether he is into fine whisky or tequila, or he loves hosting the perfect BBQ, these gifts will surely make his special day a lot brighter. Check out this list we've curated from all over the web and pick his fave.

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There's no arguing what moms mean to their children. Their bond is special and unbreakable, and that will never be overshadowed. Yet fathers sometimes play a less-recognized but just as crucial role in our lives and usually don't get a ton of appreciation for it. Father's Day is the perfect time to show dad we care, and do it in fashion--with a gift he will cherish forever.

The good news is that there are tons of options, and something is bound to be the perfect fit for that special man in your life. We've found great ideas for sports lovers, adrenaline junkies, techies, and of course those who like to relax, play some dominoes, and enjoy a good drink. Take a look at our list for some great ideas for the fathers in your life.

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Help him make his own tequila. 1

If the father in your life enjoys good tequila, nothing will be more fun for him this Father's Day than this amazing tequila-making set.

Buy it for $94.95 at Amazon.


Reminding him of his roots is always a great way to go. 2

The Brooklyn Art Factory creates wonderful pieces in natural wood that will shine in any home. And what better way to say Happy Father's Day to that special man in your life than reminding him of the old neighborhood?

Buy it for $30 at Etsy.


An elegant money clip is a great gift, and if it's funny it will be a double whammy. 3

Help the dad in your life make a true statement while being classy and sophisticated. Money clips are in, and this one with a "Bad Hombre" inscription will make him proudly boast his Latino roots.

Buy it for $35 at Etsy.

If dominoes are his life, this custom table will make his day. 4

Some fathers simply live and die for their domino games on Sundays. So if yours is like that, you won't find a better gift than this custom domino table, ready to be set up exactly how he needs it to be.

Buy it for $200 in Etsy.


Nothing says I love you like a coffee mug. 5

It's a practical gift that he will use every day, and it will always be a reminder of how you feel about him with its special message.

Buy it for $19.99 on Etsy.


Your dad is cool and knows it; now just help him tell the rest of the world. 6

His best years are long gone, but he still dolls up every morning and shows off his swagger in every possible way. He is a papi chulo. You know it, and this gift is the best way to tell the rest of the world.

Buy it for $19.95 at CafePress.


He is the king of the house, and this card will remind him. 7

He loves rancheras, and he loves his role as man of the house, so this card fits him like a glove. Remind him, in the best way Vicente Fernández would, that he is still the king of it all.

Buy it for $6 at Etsy.

If he loves to cook, he will love this little gadget. 8

The father in your life loves to cook, loves to be in the kitchen, and loves to try all the newest gadgets. This is the best gift for him: a sleek sous vide tool that you can connect to an app to make sure your meat comes out tender and juicy, cooked to perfection.

Buy it for $199 at Amazon.


A great drinks subscription is a gift that keeps on giving. 9

He loves a good bourbon, but he is not stuck on a single type or brand. The point is, the father in your life likes to enjoy his drinks, so why buy him a bottle when you can buy him a six-month subscription and let him enjoy an array of the best bourbon this side of the Mississippi?

Buy it for $499 at ReserveBar.

Because he loves working out, but has no time to go to the gym. 10

Truth is, we lead busy lives. We don't always have time to focus on what's really important, like our families and our health. At least there's help in one of those aspects, because this set of dumbbells with adjustable weights will allow the dad in your life to work out at home or at the office and not have to choose between staying fit and doing the other million things he needs to do daily.

Buy it for $299 at Walmart.


Say you love him by showing him how important sleeping well is. 11

This sleeping mat will help him sleep better by leaps and bounds. A well-rested man is a pleasure to have around, so do both of you a favor.

Buy it for $99 at Amazon.

Convenience and security at the wheel all in one cool gadget. 12

Here's a device that acts as a dashcam, allows you to uplink Alexa as an assistant, and also works as a GPS. Driving will never be boring after this.

Buy it for $179.95 at Amazon.


Elevate his whisky game with this cool set of ice cubes. 13

This is an amazingly clever gift, because not only will he enjoy it with his nice glass of single malt, but it will definitely wow his friends when he pours them one.

Buy it for $17.95 on Amazon.

This is by far the coolest gift any dad who's into cooking can receive. 14

If your dad loves to hang out in the kitchen and is a little bit DIY, this will blow his mind. It's a log. You water it. Shiitake mushrooms grow on it! I couldn't believe it. You can reharvest it every six weeks for up to three years. That equals more than a 1,000 days of delicious mushrooms in your kitchen.

Buy it for $30 at Uncommon Goods.


Nothing spells Father's Day better than an electrical shaver. 15

Hey, a man's gotta shave, and having a quality shaver can be the difference between smooth skin or a prickly face that nobody really wants to get kisses from.

Buy it for $179.99 at Amazon.

He needs to relax, so help him wind down and meditate. 16

This Muse device is the perfect meditation companion. It provides easy-to-use guided meditation for the dad in your life who needs to take a step back and just breathe.

Buy it for $199 at Muse.


For the meat lover, there's nothing better than a Kobe beef steak. 17

A steak for Father's Day? Well, Kobe beef is not just a steak. It is the most succulent, richest, and mouthwatering steak you'll ever taste. So yeah, a steak for Father's Day.

Buy it for $299 at Holy Grail.

The smartest watch is perfect for the smartest man. 18

If he is a techie, then we've found the perfect gift: a smart watch that is also sleek, elegant, and comfortable. You can't go wrong with it.

Buy for $295 at Skagen.


It's never a bad idea to get him a tie if it's cool enough. 19

Of course, fathers get ties all the time, but if it's a really cool, unique one that will make people's heads turn, then you've hit the jackpot.

Buy if for $25 at the Tie Bar.

A cardholder simply doesn't go out of style. 20

He doesn't like wallets, but he is not totally comfortable with a money clip. A cardholder is the way to go, and this Panama cardholder is as elegant as they come.

Buy it for $140 at Smythson.


If he loves beer, let him have draft beer every day. 21

Beer lovers love to go to the bar for a nice pint of draft beer. Well, now the father in your life can do it in the house, every day, thanks to this wonderful gift called the Fizzics Beer System, which holds up to 64 ounces of beer and dispenses it at the touch of a button.

Buy it for $142.99 at Target.

A doorbell camera should be a must nowadays. 22

You can never be too careful, and the technology exists today to make our lives exponentially safer. This Nest doorbell cam will be a hit this Father's Day and will calm your mind if your dad lives on his own.

Buy it for $229 at Bed Bath and Beyond.


This portable projector will give him cinema quality anywhere he goes. 23

He doen't need to go to the movies to get the real movie experience. With this amazing portable projector, he'll get the same quality right at home.

Buy it for $300 at Amazon.

The real coffee connoisseur will surely enjoy this gift. 24

Help him enjoy a fresh cup of coffee every single time with this Bodum French coffee press. Bold, rich coffee smells will take over the house, and he will be so much happier after having that first cup of the day.

Buy it for $19.99 at Amazon.


Bluetooth headphones are all the rage until you lose range. 25

So help the dad in your life with these Beats by Dre corded earbuds, which are comfortable and bound to work no matter what, no matter where.

Buy them for $59 from Amazon.

The baseball lover will appreciate this one. 26

It's a beautifully hand-sewn, vegetable-tanned baseball that will make any collector's eyes pop.

Buy it for $49.95 at Huntington Baseball Co.


Help him shave how his dad used to shave. 27

We've already said how important shaving is for men, but if the dad in your life is a bit of a classic, or loves anything nostalgic, this beautiful razor blade will be a great gift.

Buy it for $75 at Amazon.

Having the car of his dreams, even for one day, is an amazing gift. 28

He's probably told you a million times what his first car was, or the car in which he took his girlfriend to the high school prom. Whatever his story is, or whatever dream car he hopes to drive one day, DriveShare can make it come true.

Rent it for $310 (price varies) at DriveShare.


If he's into smoking any meat he can put his hands on, give him the tools he deserves. 29

Truth is, smoked meats taste way better than nonsmoked meats. So if that's what he's into, let him enjoy it with the very best smoker out there.

Buy it for $329 at Amazon.

For the creative types who enjoy scribbling, this will change their lives. 30

You've seen him doodle away for hours while he thinks of this or that. Now you can help him digitize all that and save it forever with this wonderful digital paper. He will love it!

Buy it for $598 at Amazon.


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