Mother and daughter tattoos

What a great world this would be if all mothers and daughters got along wonderfully. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Mother-daughter relationships can be all kinds of complicated, in good ways and not so good ways. That's why mothers and daughters who do get along beautifully should truly treasure and celebrate each other. If you have that kind of bond with your mom, or if you are a mother that has that kind of bond with her daughter, you will love these mother-daughter tattoos.

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Take a look at all the creative ways these mothers and daughters have chosen to show their bond through tattoos. The one thing that is consistent throughout is how palpable the love is. In fact, you might want to grab a pañuelo because it's hard not to get misty eyed looking through all the beautiful representations of the purest love of all.

Now, even if you do have this kind of loving relationship with your mother or your daughter, you both have to be into tattoos to want to get matching ones; but as you'll see from these pictures, there are plenty of mothers and daughters who like each other and body art enough to go for it. Look through all these wonderful ideas to see if it's something that you and your mom can have a permanent way to mark your love.

When you're so close to your mom, it's like your hearts beat as one. 1

This is such a great depiction of how heartfelt a connection between mother and daughter can be. It's like that quote by Elizabeth Stone: "Making the decision to have a child--it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body."


Your story just wouldn't be complete without each other. 2

Two fingerprints form a heart and the daughter's tattoo reads, "She gave me life." The mother's tattoo reads, "She gave me a reason to live," which is all the more poignant because it is followed by a semicolon tattoo. The semicolon tattoo is meant to raise awareness of suicide prevention.


We all need a person. 3

We all need someone we can count on no matter what. It's a bonus and a blessing if you happen to be related to your person.

How do you measure love? 4

When your love has no limits, how can you possibly measure it? Maybe you just quote a favorite movie that sums it up perfectly.



It's nice to know that you will never walk alone. 5

These two tattoos are so wonderful because they work no matter which one you read first. They can read, "I will follow where you lead" or "Where you lead I will follow."


It's not a competition, but mama wins. 6

Don't you just love arguing about who loves whom the most? Sorry, but mama always wins.


You live in each other's hearts. 7

You can love someone so much that it's like their name is imprinted on your heart and you wouldn't want it any other way. A piece of your heart belongs to the other person and it's beautiful.

Wear your titles with pride. 8

When you are so incredibly proud to be mother and daughter the words seem like more of a calling. You will always be your mother's daughter and you will always be your daughter's mother.



These two are blessed and they know it. 9

To have a daughter that not only loves you, but also likes you?! And to have a mother that will always be a comfort?! So beautiful.

A loving bond is a thing of beauty. 10

This is such a poetic image. Separately, they are standalone hearts. Side by side these two tattoos show two hearts that are made from the same thing. 


Such a sweet scene of a mermama and her merdaughter. 11

Aren't these mermaids lovely? They radiate love as they watch the sunset.

Two lovely kitties on a rainbow moon. 12

Such a sweet image for a mother and daughter to share. It's so peaceful and loving.


Elephants know how to love. 13

Elephants know how to love, they know how to bond. When a mama elephant has a baby, she takes care of that baby in the most touching ways. She will protect it, guide it, and love on it constantly.

It's peanut butter jelly time! 14

Peanut butter is good and so is jelly, but together they are so much better. A mother and daughter that complement each other are all kinds of awesome.


Cherish all the quiet moments you get to share. 15

Those moments when you just sit together and talk or take in the view. Those quiet moments when you don't even have to talk to feel like you're connecting.

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 16

Or "de tal palo tal astilla" as people say in Spanish. Some of us resist being like our mothers and some of us are proud to be just like them.



We all want to be perfect in our mother's eyes. 17

What daughter ever has NOT wanted their mother to think that they're just perfect? Something to keep in mind for those of us who are daughters as well as mothers: Give the love you crave.

Togetherness often has nothing to do with location. 18

When you are connected, you are connected no matter where you are. Distance can't keep you apart.


Two roses are better than one. 19

A rose for her and a rose for you. It's touching how these two roses come together when hands are clasped, like two roses from the same garden.

Oh my gatos! 20

Matching gato tattoos for cat-loving mother-daughter duos. They're like mirror images of each other.


This song is a classic. 21

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray." Some people just light up your world.

Say it in Spanish. 22

If you're going to use words, why not use words in Spanish--especially if that's the language you communicate in the most.



Go for a permanent double compliment. 23

You could opt for a permanent declaration of love for all to see. Apart or together, you will be reminded of just how much you love each other.


A mother is always a mother. 24

And a daughter is always a daughter. It doesn't matter how old the daughter is, the mother will always want to look out for her.


If you are both Disney fans, this is an adorable option. 25

Mrs. Potts and Chip Potts, the teapot and teacup from Beauty and the Beast are a cute option. Technically, Chip is a boy, but whatevs.

Pooh and Piglet fans can also represent. 26

It's hard to imagine Pooh without Piglet. They bring out the best in each other.


Find something that has meaning to the two of you. 27

Like these hummingbirds, there must be a reason this mother-daughter pair decided to get them. It's part of their story and now the tattoos are part of their story, too.

Celebrate what makes your relationship so special. 28

There's something whimsical and playful about this choice of tattoos. It makes you feel like these two must be whimsical and playful together.


These bees are totally buzz-worthy. 29

They're a great conversation starter. Makes you wonder why they chose bees, right?


This is a great idea for mothers with more than one daughter. 30

The mom could get the dandelion tattoo and her daughters can each get a seed tattoo. It's almost like each daughter is a wish the mother is making.