Khloé Kardashian posts heartbreaking picture of True the day after Tristan's birthday

Khloé Kardashian and True

Getting cheated on sucks. Getting cheated on multiple times sucks even more. Getting cheated on with your sister's BFF royally sucks. Getting cheated on with your sister's BFF when you have a baby with the cheater is the WORST, and that's where Khloé Kardashian finds herself. She's been cheated on by her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, again, and this time with her sister's former BFF--all while trying to be the best mom that she can be to 11-month-old daughter True. Sure, Khloé has tried to put on a strong face, but the heartbreaking picture she shared of True on her Instagram stories the day after Tristan's birthday more than hints at the world of pain she must be going through.

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Tristan Thompson celebrated his 28th birthday on March 13. He may have had a wonderful time and gotten plenty of happy birthday wishes, but he did not spend the day with one of the people who should mean the most to him: his daughter True. And it did not go unnoticed by Khloé, as you will see.

The Cavaliers went all out for Tristan's birthday.

Tristan plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and they not only wished him a happy birthday on their Instagram account, they also posted a birthday photo gallery for him on their website. That's nice, right?


Of course, Khloé is not about to wish Tristan a happy birthday.

Khloé called it quits with Tristan when she found out about him cheating on her with Kylie Jenner's best friend at the time, Jordyn Woods. As you can see from the tweet above, Khloé wasn't as surprised this time around since Tristan had cheated on her before.


Since the breakup, Khloé has been focusing on her blessings.

What else can she do? She's got to stay positive for herself and for her darling little girl.

But you know the pain has got to be overwhelming.

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Regardless of how much she focuses on the good things in her life like the love that she gets from True, it has got to hurt that she is not sharing precious moments like this with True's father. Tristan may be a cheater, but he is the father of her baby.


That's why it's hard not to read into this picture of True.

On March 14, without a mention of Tristan's birthday, Khloé posted this picture of True wearing a T-shirt that reads, "Wish you were here." Come on! It has to be an indirect message to remind Tristan Thompson not to neglect his daughter.

We hope that Tristan gets the message loud and clear, because regardless of what went down between him and Khloé, this little girl deserves the best of his attention now and always. Listen to us Tristan: Always be true to True!

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