There will always be lovers and haters in this world because we can never all see eye to eye. Take the celebration of Valentine's Day and the act of getting a tattoo, for example. Valentine's Day is celebrated by many, but it also has a lot of people who aren't fans of the holiday. Tattoos are the same way; either you love them or you don't. Therefore, it stands to reason that Valentine tattoos might seem like a good idea for some and like a mistake to others. Well, this gallery of Valentine tattoos is for both the lovers and the haters of the concept of V-Day-inspired tattoos. If you're wondering how that can be, well, let's just say that there is plenty for the lovers to love and just as much for the haters to hate.

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You know what they say: One person's treasure is another person's garbage. Or reverse that, if you like it better the way it's usually said. (Oh, you know: One person's garbage is another person's treasure.) But hear us out: These Valentine's Day tattoos are perfect--and not just during this time of the year.

What's great about the tattoos in this gallery is that they're not all for people in relationships. There are some in here that you might consider getting even if you are single. Take a look and see which ones you fall in love with--or which ones you fall in hate with, if that's more your style. I guarantee you'll find something that speaks to you here.

How sweet is this pretty heart? 1

It's like the hearts of these two lovers beat as one. Like that song from back in the day by Stacy Q: "Two of hearts, two hearts that beat as one."


Here's an option if you are not ready to give your heart away. 2

Nope, nope, nope! Could not be any clearer. What's great is that you will never regret getting this tattoo, because no matter what, your heart will always be yours.


The classic "Be Mine" refrain looks great on this heart. 3

Imagine getting this tattoo on the sly and then showing it to your Valentine. Hopefully, the answer will be, "Yes, I'm yours!" If not, you can wait until you fall in love with someone else and ask again.

You know what they say: It's all about presentation. 4

A doily heart with "Be Mine" in the center looks sweet and tender. How could anyone turn down this cutie, right? The doily lacy sides are a nice touch, too!


Truth be told, how many of us have been shot by Cupid's arrow more than once? 5

Looks like the owner of this heart has been struck by love at least five times. It's all good, though, because the heart remains intact.


This little piggy fell in love. 6

And this little piggy did, too. So both little piggies went and got matching-ish tattoos.


A conversation heart that stops the conversation. 7

Another way of saying "nope" to giving away your heart. When you're just not ready to commit, a "nah" is what you should say.

Pizza gets punny with these two lovers. 8

When you and your partner have a fondness for each other, pizza, and puns, why not take advantage of all three? Clever is as clever does.


Another tattoo with pizza-zz. 9

Sorry, that pun was just too good to pass up. Love how the two slices of pizza form a heart on this tattoo. Cute and clever.

The greatest love of all is happening to you. 10

There is a love story that simply does not get enough attention, and that is the story of loving ourselves. Too often, we focus on loving others above loving ourselves. Be your own Valentine always.


Even when you are single, you can still be in love. 11

Love isn't reserved just for people in romantic relationships. We should celebrate nonromantic love just as much as we celebrate romantic love.

If you love someone, set them free. 12

Individually, these tattoos are lovely. Together, the message they express is rather touching: Love isn't about keeping anyone caged in.


Love is a sort of anchor. 13

If you are certain that you will love someone forever, that love will anchor you for the rest of your life. Not in a bad way, just in the sense that you won't be swept away by the current.

Love is love is love. 14

The word "love" emblazoned on your body can be all-encompassing. What are we here for if it is not to love one another? You could also opt for the word amor.


This corazón is adorable. 15

Adorable in an "ay, que cute" kind of way. It would look good placed anywhere on the body.

Do you have an epic love story? 16

If so, perhaps a great way to honor that story is with the depiction of another epic love story. There's Romeo and Juliet, Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, or Batman and Catwoman.


Can you love someone to death? 17

Hopefully, your love isn't lethal, because then "love you to death" takes on a very sinister meaning. In this case, it's just another way of saying you love someone SO MUCH.

Do you heart each other? 18

If you do and you belong to each other, you might like a tattoo like this one. You could both get a version of it.


An old-fashioned love story never goes out of style. 19

Doesn't this image remind you of a vintage Valentine? Many things change throughout the ages, but love at its core remains the same.

Is your love eternal? 20

Then go on and say so. Un amor eterno is to be treasured and commemorated.


Some things never change. 21

We've always been aroused by sexy images of our lovers. That hasn't changed. What has changed is the delivery method.

A heart of gold is so passé. 22

A heart of gold is all right, but a multifaceted gem heart is so much more interesting. Complex and lovely, just like you.


Take off the Spanx and get your spank on. 23

After a romantic date, shimmy out of your faja, flash your "Spank Me" tattoo, and have some fun. A little spanking between enamorados can be exciting.

Suck on this! 24

Who is a sucker for love? The sucker who got this tattoo, that's who. XOXO, baby!


Your heart is sacred. 25

When your sacred heart falls in love, make sure to give it to someone who will treat it tenderly. Most of all, make sure that you treat your heart sacredly.

A love potion tattoo is cute. 26

But the truth is, you don't need a love potion. You are the love potion! You really are that irresistible. Believe it.


Wrap your Valentine tattoo in a bow. 27

You don't have to commit to tattooing someone's name on yourself. Instead, simply tattoo "Valentine" across the image of a lovely heart-shaped box. That way, if you switch Valentines, you won't have to switch tattoos.

Halloween puns and Valentine's Day go well together. 28

Who would have guessed that you could combine the spookiness of Halloween with the love of Valentine's Day? It makes sense, since love can make you feel both vulnerable and scared at times.


Roses are red. 29

Violets are blue.
Our initials are in hearts.
Because I love you.

It's OK to celebrate someone else's love story. 30

If your parents have the kind of love that will last forever, getting a Valentine tattoo in their honor is the SWEETEST thing ever. It not only says that they love each other, it says that you adore them and their love.