Cardi b tattoo

Fans have been getting tattoos inspired by their favorite musicians since the beginning of time. From song lyrics to quotes and even huge portraits of their idols, music fans have made their love for their favorite singers super permanent with a tattoo.

One celebrity in particular who has inspired a wave of fan ink is Cardi B. Since the rapper released her hit song "Bodak Yellow" in 2017, her fans have been running to the nearest tattoo shops and getting her lyrics, photos of her, and her catchphrases (Okurrr!) tattooed all over their bodies. Her inspiring lyrics about success and empowerment are inked all over her fans, and pictures of her face can be spotted on people's legs, hands, and everywhere else.

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Cardi's realness and quick rise to the top has inspired millions of people, and through her music she has also gained so many fans who follow her every move. She has become an idol for people who have had to face adversity and continue to push through no matter what others say. That's probably why so many people proudly showcase their latest ink paying homage to their Queen Cardi on social media for people to see. The best part is that so many of them have gotten shout-outs from the "I Like It" rapper herself.

She often shares photos of the tattoos her fans have gotten of her, and she has said they're an inspiration for her to push forward and work harder. Imagine the pressure that comes with knowing so many people out there have you tattooed on their bodies! Now you have to make sure they don't regret it! But we're sure these fans love her so much that nothing she does can deter them from loving her. After all, nothing says commitment and forever as much as a tattoo, right? Take a look at these insane tattoos Cardi's fans have gotten to pay tribute to their favorite star.

Cardi was super impressed by this fan's tattoo. 1

"Wow 😱😱😱Lets link ! Free cardi tickets for life .You even invites to my family events," Cardi captioned this pic. The detail in this tat is insane, and the colors really make it pop.


This level of commitment gets you free Cardi tickets. 2

This image was inspired by Cardi's music video for her song "Press," and it came out so on point. She captioned the post, ":’)The love is real❤️❤️....You get free cardi tickets forever and a supporting friend ❤️Love my fans! Ya really give me strength."


This tattoo is really special. 3

It's inspired by one of Cardi's red carpet looks, but if you look closely, the earrings are made of tiny bottles of Bacardi. "I can’t believe it ! Soooo amazing.The love is real !!!," she captioned the post.  

Even her quotes will live on forever. 4

Cardi's impact on her fans is immeasurable. Usually people use quotes from their favorite authors or poets, but now Cardi can be added to the list of people whose words will live on people's bodies forever.


Tattoo artist Galo Balseca has been slaying his Cardi B-inspired tats. 5

He inked this fan with an image of Cardi surrounded by her songs and album titles. What an homage! 


Cardi's songs are a huge inspiration behind her fans' ink. 6

What better way to pay tribute to your favorite musicians than by inking their hit songs on yourself?


Cardi inspired a ton of Louboutins tattoos. 7

This one was used to cover up an old tattoo a fan had on herself.

This fan used some of Cardi's lyrics for inspiration. 8

She tattooed the lyrics "Bloody moves" from "Bodak Yellow" on her two ankles! That's commitment. 


That same fan also got a pair of red bottoms tattooed on herself. 9

While Cardi has no ties to Christian Louboutin and his red bottom designs, she has sure given them a lot of exposure. Now this woman is a walking advertisement of the luxury shoe.

One fan had a portrait of the rapper inked on the side of his abdomen. 10

The tat was so beautiful, Cardi shared it herself on Instagram and captioned it: "Omgggg😱😱❤️ I can’t never give up. Whoever this is I love you."


One fan got a shout-out from Cardi after getting the "Get Up 10" lyrics tattooed on herself. 11

"Wow !!!THIS IS AMAZING ❤️❤️ I feel poppin from and inspired to keep creating and working. BUT I GET UP TEN B-TCH!!😤😤," Cardi captioned the Instagram post.

The "Get Up 10" track seems to be a fan favorite. 12

The song has provided some inspiration for fans to keep going even when the going gets rough. Cardi shared this pic of a fan's tattoo and captioned it: "😤😤😤WE GONE WIN KNOCK ME DOWN 9 TIMES !! Love my fans❤️."


This fan will have Cardi by his side for the rest of his days. 13

This fan had Cardi's entire face tattooed on his shoulder. Cardi also shared this and she captioned it: "Oooooommmmmgggg i looooveeeeee this. Thanks for the love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍."

The Cardi from the "Finesse" video is immortalized on this fan's arm. 14

"❤️❤️❤️❤️Drippin in finess ❤️❤️❤️LOVE IT. Makes me feel real special ❤️FAN ART 😘Hope to meet you one day," Cardi wrote when she shared it on Instagram.


This fan is all about her business and her money moves. 15

One fan mixed boss lady Charlotte Pickles from the cartoon show Rugrats with Cardi's "Bodak Yellow" lyrics, and the rapper loved it.

This fan had Cardi's album cover tattooed on herself. 16

The colorful tattoo is based on Cardi's album cover for Invasion of Privacy, and it's beautiful. 


This tattoo came out amazing! 17

Everything from her hair to her lips looks so spot on.

This fan got a Cardi-inspired 'Powerpuff Girls' tattoo. 18

How cute is this?


Cardi has fans focused on their money. 19

This fan will only have to look down at their arm for inspiration when it comes to getting money.

This tattoo is massive!! 20

This fan got Cardi's album cover tattooed on her thigh, and it looks amazing.


A fan really wanted to have Cardi with her tongue out tattooed on herself. 21

Listen, we don't judge, but this is pretty wild.

Some fans are using Cardi to cover up their old tattoos. 22

Have your ex's name tattooed on yourself? No worries, just get a huge tattoo of Cardi's face to cover it right up like this fan did!


This fan's love for Cardi runs deep. 23

Cardi's face will forever be on display on this fan's right hand. OK, it's not a real hand, but this tattoo artist is willing to put it whereever you want.

This fan had the whole top of her arm covered with a tat of Cardi. 24

She quoted her lyrics from her verse on "MotorSport" along with a gorgeous portrait of the rapper on her left shoulder.


This fan quoted the song "I do," poor grammar and all. 25

For the sake of accuracy, this fan will be walking around with a grammatical error on herself forever. Pure dedication.

Cardi's impact is truly bigger than life. 26

We wonder how many fans around the world have tattooed her album cover on themselves.


Some fans are even tattooing Cardi's catchphrases on themselves. 27

This inner lip tattoo is easily hidden, and only people you show it to will know it's there.

A tattoo artist created a 'Family Guy'-inspired Cardi tat. 28

He also added the famous "Okurrrr" to the bottom. 


Here's another 'Finesse'-inspired tattoo. 29

We love the bright colors in this one.

This fan chose a simple rose with her name. 30

"I finally got my idol @iamcardib name tatted!" this fan wrote on Instagram.


This portrait of Cardi is so spot on. 31

It came out so beautiful.

Some fans weren't too fond of this Cardi tat. 32

Even though some people criticized the tattoo artist for how dark his shading was, he got a stamp of approval from Cardi herself when she liked the Instagram post.


Cardi was a big fan of this ink. 33

"This is soooooo f--king amazing 😍😍😍 I love you guys soooo much ❤️❤️❤️❤️," she captioned the post.