People get tattoos in honor of celebrities, to express their Latina pride or as a symbol of their romatic love for someone. Cool, cool, cool, but what has our hearts bursting with all kinds of cariño right now are these truly touching tattoos we've peeped. OMAIGA, they are just so beautiful because they are all about the love between siblings. Yup, sibling tattoos are a thing and we are so here for them.

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If you have a sibling or siblings that you are close to, you know that the way you feel about each other is magic. It's basically having a friend that you are related to, that you will always be connected to, that you have a shared history with and hopefully you will be in each others' lives for many, many more years.

Sisters and brothers are a blessing and the tattoos you're about to see are all about celebrating that blessing. Don't be surprised if you end up wanting to get a siblings tattoo yourself. One thing is for sure, if you get a tattoo in honor of your siblings, you don't have to worry that one day you won't be in a relationship with them because family is for life whether you like it or not.

These siblings are promising to always be there for each other. 1

A pinky promise between siblings is one thing, but a tattoo of a pinky promise takes it to a whole other level of promise. Plus it's a visual reminder that you are linked forever.


Who needs a name when you can go by a number? 2

It's funny how sometimes when there is more than one of you, you get called by a number instead of a name. Roman numerals give kind of fancy up this look.


Sisters are the absolute best! 3

The bond between two sisters can be such an incredible thing. You end up being partners in life in a very special way.


A simple design can say so much. 4

Just the outline of these three is enough to let you know that they mean a lot to each other. Your imagination takes you back to their childhood when they must have stood together like this.



The design on these three is the same. 5

What makes them unique is how they are colored in. Alone these tattoos look good, together they look even better. They definitely say that you are of the same tribe.




Here's another take on the same concept. 6

Can you tell which one is the middle child? The way the shadowing is done to symbolize birth order is subtle and unique.


Color is a great way to show birth order too. 7

This is another example of tattoos that look great on their own and even better together because they make you feel all kinds of wonderful. The color combinations that you could use are infinite.

Here the familial bond is expressed through the seasons. 8

There is summer, winter, spring and fall. It would be interesting to know if these siblings were born during the season they have a tattoo of.


Birth order tattoos work for larger families too. 9

Here it looks like there are five siblings all together even though only two are shown. This is particularly cool because it shows that just because you have a larger family, it doesn't mean you have to have a large tattoo.

Sisters don't let your brother feel left out! 10

This brother seems to be a bit travieso, no? Poor thing probably felt left out all the time so he found a way to insert himself in the conversation.



Wait, is this Arizona inside of Pennsylvania? 11

Sure looks like it. Perhaps it means that no matter where they are they are a part of each other. They're also great conversation starters.

The thicker triangle denotes the birth order in these two. 12

This would be six and four out of nine siblings. Makes you wonder if all nine siblings got the same tattoo, doesn't it? Even if they didn't, it still looks cool on these two.


These two brothers are each other's medio limón. 13

It's like that "mi media naranja" saying, but with a star-shaped lemon. You could also just do a regular lemon or a regular star split in half.

You'll never feel lost if you are truly connected. 14

When siblings are close, they are like your compass and keep you facing true north. It's also a good example of getting the same tattoo placed on different parts of your bodies.


They are all for one and one for all. 15

These sisters' hearts beat as one. Can't you just feel the love between them?


Shoulders aren't just for crying on. 16

They are also for celebrating the bond of sisterhood. Some people have a chip on their shoulder, not these two.


Hair today, not gone tomorrow. 17

It's a good thing the hairstyles on these silhouttes are pretty classic because it's not like they can be changed all that easily. Imagine if one was rockin' a mullet!


Instead of getting the same exact tattoo, you can do a mirror image. 18

Notice how the color of the ribbon on each of these is different too. You could opt for any type of flower that is significant to you and your siblings.



These two are the same-ish but different. 19

They are equal but not the same. It's such a simple symbol and yet looking at them side by side says so much.

This one looks like it should be called "A Tale of Two Siblings." 20

They appear to have a lot of meaning to them. It's a story that only that brother and sister can tell. They almost look like cityscapes or puzzle pieces.


These two are clearly birds of a feather. 21

They are meant to flock together. They are birds of the same feather and on the same wire.

They are three of a kind. 22

Three triangles for three siblings seems like the perfect metaphor. When they stand together like there is quite a visual impact.


Three triangles that are separate but together just like the siblings they are on. 23

Love, love, love the simplicity of these and how beautifully they express birth order. There's kind of a retro modern feel to them, too.

Can you not feel the love in this imagery? 24

It's such a touching tribute to the love between sisters. Notice how the colors on their clothing go together and the way they lean into each other is beyond sweet.


Thank your parents for giving you siblings. 25

OMAIGA, this could not be more true! Treasuring the gift of siblings is how you thank your parents for giving you siblings.

These itty-bitty hearts are too sweet. 26

The love expressed is big even if the hearts are small. They are so dainty, they could almost be mistaken for a more or birthmark.


Can you guess the island these brothers are from? 27

It's Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Redwood trees only grow in the Pacific Northwest.

These sibs opted for three arrows and three numbers. 28

Each arrowhead has a different color in it to differentiate it. From afar they look nearly identical, but upon closer inspection they are all unique.


This is just too funny! 29

So freakin' funny, right? They are peanut brother and jelly! And they clearly have a sense of humor.

Find a way to say family. 30

'Ohana means family in Hawaiian and family means love to so many of us. This could inspire a tattoo that says "family" in any language you like.


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