Nothing says BFF more than matching tattoos. There are many ways to show the connection between two friends who love each other so much that they want to leave an indelible mark on their skin that will forever remind them of that special bond with each other. Some people choose to get the same exact tattoo, others get similiar and related tattoos, yet slightly different, and some get complementary tattoos. Some even get them on a hidden spot of their body. The point is getting something that clearly makes the point that, no matter what happens, you will be friends forever.

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The decision is down to you and your BFF, and mind you, sometimes it is about creating a mark that defines more than two people. Want to always remember your High School Cheerleading squad? What better way to remember the glory days than by sharing a tattoo only those in the crew can get? Talk about creating a lasting bond with your OG friends!

If you've made your decision, you are ready to go through with it and have already chosen your partner (or partners) in crime, click through this gallery for just the right amount of inspiration you will need. The options are endless, but we've done our homework to bring you some of the coolest designs and spots on your body that hopefully will give you and your BFF the final push towards the tattoo parlor.

You are the peanut butter to my jelly. 1

We'll start on a high note. Few matching tattoos will be cooler and cuter than these pieces of toast that will forever get along with one another.


When you love to travel there's only one way to go about it. 2

If you also have that BFF you can always count on to travel and explore the world, then this tattoo is for you.


Simplicity sometimes sends the most powerful message. 3

These can basically pass by beauty marks, so if you are going for stealthy tats, these may be the ones for you. Plus, they are beautiful.

Tell your BFF they are the your moon and your stars. 4

This is a very elegant design and goes very well on your bicep, specially if your arms are thin and long. Very sophisticated.


Arrows are a beautiful and dynamic design. 5

Aside from how aesthetically beautiful it is, arrows can mean you and your BFF are true warriors. And that's a message worth sending.


Sometimes a little nudge to each other is all you need. 6

There's no better place to hide a matching tattoo than in an intricate design. The beauty of it is that both designs can be comletely different, but with just a small element in them alluding to the fact that you and your BFF actually have matching tattoos, then that design becomes all that more special.


If you and your crew really love the sea, this is your design. 7

How's this for a simple emblem that you can share with those who truly mean the world to you, and who share your passion for all things related to the ocean?

Floral designs are always very intricate and personal. 8

Also, matching both tattoos on the side of your ankles makes them even more personal. This is a great choice to really show the lasting bond you share with your BFF.


Being young, wild and free needs to be celebrated. 9

Share this wonderful design with your besties to always remember those carefree days in which you conquered the skies like a paper airpline.

Promises that are meant to be kept forever should be honored with ink. 10

Few things in this world are more serious than a pinky promise. If you are bold enough to make one, be bold enough to get it inked alongside your BFF.


Adding color to your tattoos is never a bad idea. 11

In this case, the tattoos are giraffes, but imagine you can switch them for any zoo animal and focus on the magical color scheme over the design. Now that is something worth getting matching tattoos.

Hearts are always beautiful but if they look like a 3 year old drew them, they are even more special. 12

Few tattoos will be more pure and honest than this one. Simple yet powerful.



Sometimes is not so much about the design but rather the body part you get tattooed. 13

Getting a tattoo with your BFF in the same area of your body, even more so if it's an intimate one, is as special as it gets for proving your friendship will last forever.

Roses, with thorns and all, are the perfect icon for a BFF relationship. 14

Because usually your relationship will be beautfiul and wonderful, yet at some point, it will also hurt you dearly.


If you guys are electical together, look no further. 15

Lightning bolts were a big thing in the 80s, but they seem to have been forgotten. But if you want to make a true statement about your age and share an electrical relationship with your bestie, these finger tattoos are amazing.

If you are into finger tattoos and making statements, this is the tattoo for you. 16

Do people even say YOLO these days? I don't think so, yet these matching tattoos send a clear message to the universe, and that makes them get to the top of our list of tats you should get with your BFF.


The simplest of designs can be the most beautiful. 17

I mean, what is there not to like about these tiny roses?

A half moon can be so sexy. 18

Half moons, when matching and complementing with your BFF, can truly be a sexy design. Even more so if you get it on your rib cage.


Let your inner geek fly high and go for a complementary story. 19

This design is specific to Rick and Morty's fans. But just think of how creative you can get with this concept. Road Runner and the Will E. Coyote? Bart and Homer Simpson? Possibilities are endless. You decide.

The complexity of a lotus flower can be illustrated simply. 20

I have always loved lotus flowers, because they are so intricate yet can be drawn in a very simple way. In my opinion, that makes them stand out even more and can work almost like a branding item for you and your BFF.


It's become a thing to count the years you've been friends with someone. 21

They are also great conversation starters.

A pinky promise with a deep message is something to share with your BFF. 22

"Que será, será" is the message, as the song goes in English, "Whatever will be, will be." It seems like a good friendship motto.


You both love pizza and you want the world to know. 23

Then this is the tat for you. Also, notice the detail: each BFF still gets their favorite toppings!

Love is finite and nothing better than to share your bestie. 24

These are beautiful and send out a very clear message of love, patience and longevity.


Spine tattoos are super sexy, so matching ones will make you both a topic of conversation. 25

The wonderful design of the arrow along your spine is bound to call people's attention. More so if you show that it matches your BFF's.

These complementary tattoos are all you have been looking for. 26

This design says so much in such a simple way. The message of friendship and camaraderie is quite powerful, perhaps because of how simple the actual design looks like.


Actual written messages that complement each other are another great option. 27

Tell the universe exactly what you want and what you expect. And if you do so in unison with your BFF, then even better.

If you love avocados so much that you cannot go a day without it, this is your tattoo. 28

Of course, your BFF will also be there, next to you, getting the other half of the avocado inked.


For those who do not give up and stand together, no matter what. 29

You are both warriors, and your matching BFF tattoos prove it. Adding an individual detail is also a great way to remain unique.

These are tricky: They look the same but they are not. 30

Yet the message is important in this day and age.