So you love tattoos, you may even say you are addicted to them, and you are dying to get that one tattoo that truly inspires you and means the world to you. There's just one problem: Mami doesn't like tattoos. Even though you're 30 years old, you don't want to upset her. Now, we are not saying you should do anything behind mom's back--ultimately, we all know moms know best. But if you are keen on going through with your dream ink work, we can show you a few spots that will be relatively easy to hide from her. Here's some of the coolest we think you should consider.

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You may not have thought about it before, but our bodies have quite a few spots that barely see the light of day, and so these are perfect for hiding those tattoos you may not want the parental unit to actually see or know about. Maybe mom doesn't like tattoos or maybe she is okay with them, but you want to get something you know she'll disapprove of. Read on, we have some suggestions.

Of course, you will need to be careful. Some of this hiding will require some constant clothes to be covering them, but these are spots that any regular casual wear should cover. Still, depending on your living situation with your parents you may need to keep a closer eye at what you wear around them. Take a look at our tips and choose wisely.

As long you wear sleeves, the side of your torso should be safe. 1

It is also a super sexy spot that you will be able to only show those you want to show it to.


Cropped shirts will be your enemy if you decide to ink the sides of your torso. 2

Most of your clothing will be your ally covering up this area, just be careful with those cropped shirts and when you raise your hands.


Unless you are a bikini model, your derriere is super safe. 3

You'll need to be extra careful if you plan to go to the beach with your mom at any point in the future, but even then, you can always cover it up with a beach skirt.

Use the space between your breasts to hide your ink. 4

Most of it will always be covered by your bra and you just need to be careful not to wear large cleavage. Also: Talk about a sexy spot!


Small tattoos in this area should be the most private. 5

Most bras will take care of them, so you can get ink there with confidence.


Get craeative and just be careful with what you wear. 6

This spot is super sexy and you can show only those you really dig. For that same reason, it should be easy to keep from mom unless she conducts body searches.


Anything close to your breast should also be very easy to hide. 7

On top of the sexy factor, it is just a not very accessible area. Even less so to your mom.

Your rib cage is one of the most painful spots, but also one of the safest. 8

Just as with the inside of your lip, if you are willing to go the distance, this can be a great spot so mom never finds out about your little secret.


Most of your back should be fair game. 9

Even more so if you don't live at home and just visit for the holidays. Warm sweaters are the way to go while you are home so your tattoos are always safe from prying eyes.

Shoulder blades could also be very safe spot. 10

However, you would be giving up the idea of wearing open back shirts and dresses, so tread carefully with this one.


If instead of the side of your torso, you move it a few degrees towards your back, you'll find a very good spot. 11

Equal parts sexy and safe. There will be very few items of clothing that will reveal this spot, and as long as you get it low enough, you me even be able to do open-back gowns.

Your shoulders tend to be safe areas. 12

Again, use your best judgement here, but I think just putting a little extra care to what you wear around mom, you will be just fine.


How committed are you to hiding your tattoo? 13

This may be a bit extreme, but hey, it is an option. I wouldn't do it... would you?

Legs are usually safe, mostly upper thighs, and as close to you hip as possible. 14

These are easily hidden with shorts, pants and skirts, so they are golden for keeping them away from mom's judgemental eyes. Unless you are into walking around your house in underwear and live with the parental unit, you should be more than fine.


Smaller pieces will always work best. 15

Of course, anywhere any normal underwear item shoud cover will become a safe haven for your private tattoo. And in that case, yes, size does matter: go with small.

You probably never thought of tattooing the soles of your feet. 16

Well, it's a thing, and also a very safe spot so mom doesn't find out. Just try not to put your feet up in form of her, unless you are wearing socks.


Leave your imprint in the world with a toe tattoo. 17

These can be very cute if you get creative and the spot is super original. Also, nearly impossible for mom to catch it at a glance.

The closer you get to your private areas, the better. 18

You would have to be very careless to let your mom find out about this one.


Your collar bone is risky, but most clothing should cover it. 19

You should try to do it as close to your shoulder as possible, so nothing peeks out.

As long as you don't wear short shorts, you can go crazy on the side of your butt and upper leg. 20

Go big or go home here. You can really make a statement with your ink in this particular area. You only cannot be seen in underwear, short shorts or a bathing suit by your mom.


Your navel can be very sexy, just make sure you go a little bit South of your hip bone. 21

Double whammy here--sexy and inconspicuous. As long as you go low, you will likely be fine keeping your tattoo hidden.

Behind your ear is a great spot to hide your next tattoo. 22

Let your hair down and cover up whatever you want to ink behind your ears.


Closer to your ear will be easy to hide. 23

However, it will push you to make it tiny since there's not a ton of real estate to play with.

You can also try it closer to your hairline. 24

This will give you a larger area to work with and allow your hair to cover it much better when you wear it down.


The ankle area is one of the best ones to easily hide tattoos. 25

The lower the better, as even your shoes may be able to cover it. If not, any sock you wear should do the trick.

High tops are not only trendy, but they also help you cover ankle tats. 26

It is really that simple. Potentially, a great spot to hide your tattoo from mom.


The side of your breast can also be very safe. 27

Think of the fact that this area is always the most pale on your entire body. There's a reason for that--and it is the same reason that will make it safe from your mom's eyes. If the sun doesn't see it, neither should your mom.

Nothing is easier to hide than a foot tattoo. 28

Burn your flip flops and sandals--that's the only way your mom won't find out about what you did on your foot.


High-cut necklines will allow you to keep a tattoo between your breast complete private. 29

No doubt you can keep a tattoo here away from your mom's attention. Just forget about wearing anything resembling cleavage.

You can be naughty doing anything around your hip bone. 30

It's your body, it's your style and your tattoo, so go a bit crazy and give your wild side some room to express itself with the confidence that mom will definitely not see it.