What better time than now to show how proud you are of your country or your heritage. In a period of our history where identity has become a very nebulous thing, showcasing our love for our roots, the place where we hail from, or where our family has made a home could be your best bet for a new tattoo. Not only does it say a ton about your commitment to your nationality or heritage, but there are also very artistic ways to go about inking your national colors on your body.


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Because there are ways to show a simple flat image of your national flag, finding the perfect spot on your body that you could conceal if you wished to, but also to really go all out and brand yourself with an enormous and almost realistic image on those flag colors you have always been so drawn to. The sky is the limit when it comes to showcasing flag tattoos on your body.

Whether you are thinking of something that will take up an entire sleeve or a small wrist tattoo, it doesn't matter. The next 40 images will surely inspire you with ways to proudly showcase your roots. Take a good look and try to get a feel for the type of image you like the most. The rest is easy: add your national colors. Enjoy!

Sometimes freehanded tattoos are the most creative. 1

Instead of a well-planned tattoo, find an artist you trust and ask him or her to freehand an imposing flag like this American one. It will add a ton of character to the tat.


Use your body's muscle curves to bring out your flag's dynamic movement. 2

When getting your arm and shoulders tattoed, you can always add a movement effect using the curves of your own muscles and great shading.


Simple and polished designs usually get the best results. 3

This Welsh flag and dragon is simple yet very stylsh.

You can be proud of two countries. 4

So get them both! But if you want a great artistic effect and not just two flat images, check out this amazing and vivid design.


Foot tattoos hurt a ton, but getting your national flag on it is genius. 5

In this case it's the Portuguese national emblem and not the full flag but how genius is it to get this on your foot? Only the people you want to see it actually will.


This one can be a great option for Latinos in the United States. 6

Mexico is one of the countries with most immigrants living in the U.S., and most learn to love their adoptive country as much as their home country. What better way to honor both with this amazing design?



The expresion "I've got you under my skin" takes a whole new meaning. 7

When your pride is so deep that you want a more powerful message.

Get creative so you can honor more than one aspect of your life. 8

In this case, the owner of the tattoo not only shows his national pride for two countries, but it also pays homage to the Navy and the seamen he served with. Simple and beautiful.


Uruguay may be a small country, but it boasts some of the most proud people in the world. 9

If you've ever met an Uruguayan, you'd know because they'll tell you within the first 5 mins of your conversation. They are some of the most humble yet patriotic in South America, so getting the flag tattoo is not something strange for Uruguayans.

Steer clear of a passport tattoo and show us your true colors. 10

If you are one of those people constantly battling your friends with the list of countries you have visited and checking into different airports around the world on your Facebook account, don't go for a run of the mill passport or custom stamps tattoo. Go all in and show us where you have been!


Your love for your country could be well worth your entire arm. 11

This Argentine had no doubt he wanted a creative take on his country's flag.

Show the love for your country along with your favorite sport. 12

This proud Scottish man clearly loves his darts and he found a most creative way to bundle the two loves.


South Korea has a flag that begs to be tattooed. 13

I love the colors of the Korean flag so I wouldn't have gone black and white, but it is such visually striking flag that there is no limit as to how you can approach it creatively.

You can take it up a notch and really give your flag a lot of real state on your body. 14

They say sometimes less is more, but in the world of tattoos that's not always true. This man shows how his love for Norway and England lives deep inside of him with this amazing piece.


When your country hurts you, get it tattooed. 15

If your country is going through hardships, there's no better way to show your love for your nation than to get the flag tattooed.

It can also take your entire forearm and be literally under your skin. 16

No better way for this Venezuelan to show how much he really loves his country.


A classic image of your country's flag is always a good option. 17

This Netherlands flag is simple yet shows you are committed to honoring your country. Adding some shading truly makes it pop.

Place in the perfect spot so the only ones who can see it are those you want. 18

Tattoos can be quite personal, so choosing the right spot on your body, depending on whether you want to show it to the world or just those you are comfortable with, will make all the difference.


Whatever the reasoning may be, flag tattoos always stand out. 19

Some people collect magnets of the places they've visited. Others get flag tattoos. The latter is way cooler.

Get creative instead of being repetitive. 20

Looking at tattoo pics for inspiration is great, but don't just copy a tattoo, try to make it unique. This person put a Danish flag inside a wonderful rose. I really like it.


The side of your torso is always a nice place for a tattoo. 21

It is sexy, private and extremely personal. Mix that with your national flag's colors and you end up with the perfect tattoo.

Adding your flag to a badge that represents you gives it a more meaningful touch. 22

A normal flag image is cool enough, but if there's something in your life that truly defines you, consider adding your flag's colors to it, like this fire fighter did with the Puerto Rican flag.


If you have Asian blood running through your veins, this tattoo is for you. 23

I've personally always loved Asian flags, and so this tattoo seems very attractive to me. The "under your skin" effect adds tons of drama to it, while the waving of the flags makes the tattoo pop a lot.

Who doesn't love the colors of the South African flag? 24

This seems like a great place and a great style to show your love for South Africa, but the truth is that the colors and design of that flag would make any tattoo of it look amazing.


A simple yet elegant way to pay respect to two countries. 25

For those of us who have immigrated to a different country than the one where we were born, paying equal respect to both nations is very important. This tattoo does just that in the most exquisite way.

When you are Mexican you want to wear your colors on your skin. 26

Few nations are more proud of their heritage than Mexico. So much so, that Mexicans all over the world have no qualms about inking the Mexican flag on their skin.


To show your love for two countries you sometimes need an entire arm. 27

This design shows tremendous commitment, but we can't deny it looks really cool.

Your national pride can also be a good excuse to boast the love for your team. 28

Because sometimes the love for your team can be as strong as your love for your country, why not combine both on a tattoo?


Diplomacy is also a great reason for a tattoo. 29

The simplicity and sheer brightness of this tattoo make it most appealing. It's a great example of thinking of ways to humanize a flag tattoo in the simplest of ways.

Carrying the love for your country in your heart is something quite real. 30

That's why some people take up as much space on their chest for impressive tattoos like this one. The skin-rip just makes it that much more real.


Put a flag on an action scene as a very creative way to show your love for your country. 31

This Hungarian man inserted the Hungarian flag onto a beautiful scene including a soldier walking through a field. The image is impressive and takes the focus off the flag to make it a lot more wholesome.

A ripple effect in your flag makes it come to life. 32

This otherwise plain Norwegian flag pops up a ton thanks to that simple but key effect.


Add a flag to an inspirational message you want to get tattooed. 33

This piece expresses the message perfectly with very few words, and the two flags add a very real touch to the entire tattoo.

This is a great idea for those holding multiple passports. 34

Some of us don't come just from a single heritage line, so this is a fun way to portray the fact we are just lots of pieces that end up making a very imperfect puzzle.


You can get very artistic with the colors. 35

Not only is the design of the flower beautiful in this tattoo, but the watercolor effect on the flag is just mesmerizing.

Choose something that represents your country to go along with your flag. 36

This Dominican knows that a palm tree is the best way to represent and pay tribute to his or her home country. This is a very creative way to show you know and love your country like no one else.


Get your colors inside the outline of your country, or simply get the flag within it. 37

This is a good option, as sometimes just adding the colors can be too monotone. This way you also get some movement.

When you love your state as much as you love your country, get a tattoo. 38

Some people feel more local than global, and thus are very proud of the city or state--sometimes more than of their actual country. In that case, find a good way to get that tattoo, like filling the outline of your state with the flag. Very creative!


Stand up for what you believe and go with it until the end. 39

Now that the European Union is at risk of being dismantled, this tattoo --albeit simple and not all that inspiring--sends a very strong message: Sometimes you need to show your commitment to a cause by going all the way. Like getting this flag tattooed on your body, which denotes a firm believe in the principles that the European Union upholds.

You can be proud of a lot of things, not just your country or town. 40

If you are proud of your ideals and convictions, that is also a great idea for your next tattoo.