Woman undergoes extensive plastic surgery to look like Ivanka Trump

YouTube.com/InsideEdition, Reuters

A Texas woman recently underwent extensive plastic surgery to look like first daughter Ivanka Trump. 34-year-old Sarah Schmidt revealed to Inside Edition that since seeing what she considered an unflattering bikini photo of herself years ago, she has wanted plastic surgery. When the time came for her to actually have the surgery, she drew inspiration from 37-year-old Trump, a businesswoman, former teen model and the daughter of President Donald Trump.

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"I think she is beautiful." Schmidt told the show about Trump. "I think she's very poised, classy. I like the way she carries herself. What's not to like?," she said.

It's not uncommon for people who have plastic surgery to attempt to model their new looks after celebrities. In recent years stories have surfaced about people who undergo dozens of surgeries to like like everyone from Kylie Jenner to a Barbie doll.

In total, Schmidt had nine plastic surgery procedures performed by Dr. Franklin Rose, who used photos of Trump to map out the procedures on Schmidt's body and face. After six weeks of recovery, Schmidt says she loves her new body and face.

Schmidt shares some physical characteristics with Trump.

Like Trump, Schmidt has darker eyes, blonde hair and fair skin. She's also naturally slim.


She basically had her whole body transformed.

The nine procedures Schmidt had done included liposuction on various parts of her body including her belly, lower back and thighs, lip fillers, a nose job and a Brazilian butt lift.


Most of the procedures were on her body, but post-surgery her face was almost entirely bandaged.

Though the surgeries on her body were more extensive, Schmidt came out of surgery with an almost completely bandaged face--even her eyes were covered.

She doesn't look all that different after surgery.

After recovering, Schmidt looks like a more refined version of herself. Though her body shape and size and overall appearance are similar to Ivanka Trump's, she still looks like herself.



She's pleased with the results though.

Schmidt may not be a dead ringer for Trump, but she definitely looks like she could be her sister. Regardless, she says she loves her transformation and her friends think she looks great too.

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