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Cardi B has come a long way. She has completely catapulted herself into being one of the most famous names in the entertainment world and her new life following her success is nothing short of luxurious. The rapper, who turned 26 on Thursday, October 11, has plenty to celebrate. Her career is booming, she became a mom this July and her love life with husband, Offset, looks like it's better than ever. 

Not only that but Cardi now has the money to live the life of her dreams, and it shows. From purchasing luxury cars (that she can't even drive!), to new homes, jewelry and designer outfits--Cardi has the world at her feet.

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Her daughter, Kulture, also gets to reap the benefits of her momma's hard work as well as the love that millions of people have for her. Ever since she was born, the baby girl has been receiving the most expensive and lavish gifts from Cardi's famous and rich friends. 

Cardi also showers her loved ones with the grandest gifts, because that's what you do when you make it big! Her husband, Offset, is also quite the gift giver. The diamond ring he bought for Cardi was worth half a million dollars and he buys her gorgeous cars as "just because" gifts. What more can a girl want in this world? Swipe through and take a look at Cardi's lavish life, and reminisce on how far the "Bodak Yellow" rapper has come since her humble Bronx, New York beginnings.

Cardi got quite the engagement ring from Offset. 1

Cardi got quite the engagement ring from Offset.

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The Migos rapper proposed in October 2017, even though they were already legally married, and he gave her a tear-shaped 8 carat diamond ring he said cost $500,000. Must be nice. 


Offset surprised her with a "just because" gift. 2

That's so romantic and all but is a Lamborghini truck really necessary?! The kicker here is that the "I Like It" rapper doesn't even drive. But who needs to know when you have a driver at all times, right? 


Cardi bought herself a brand new $240K bright orange Bentley. 3

She purchased the car for herself after the massive success of "Bodak Yellow" in 2017. Cardi revealed that she had to pay for it in full since she doesn't have a license. 

Cardi had the most over-the-top baby shower. 4

Cardi's baby shower in July 2018 was so beautiful. The Bronx-themed decor was fit for a queen and I didn't expect any less from her.


Sitting front row at a Tom Ford fashion show? No problem. 5

Sitting front row next to fashion royalty Anna Wintour and Hollywood A-list star Tom Hanks is just a casual day for Cardi now.

Cardi flies private now. 6

Not only is she on a private plane, but she posed for a photo shoot in her underwear. When you're Cardi B, you do whatever you please!


She was showered with the most unique and intricate flower arrangements when she gave birth. 7

I wonder how many roses were used to make that momma and baby bear arrangement. 

Her baby is riding around in a designer stroller. 8

Moschino designer Jeremy Scott sent Cardi a custom stroller and baby carrier for her daughter, Kulture. Those gold wings and wheels are everything. 


Her husband spoiled her with his and hers Lamborghinis. 9

The couple posed for photos in front of their new, colorful Lamborghinis Aventadors that come with scissor doors. Now that's luxury.

She gets dressed by some of the best designers in the game. 10

She gets dressed by some of the best designers in the game.

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She arrived at the 2018 American Music Awards dressed head to toe in Dolce & Gabbana, and she looked phenomenal. 



Cardi is constantly showered with luxurious gifts. 11

The creator of the Waist Gang Society waist trainers, Premadonna, sent Cardi's baby a gorgeous, white crib fit for royalty. How beautiful is it?

She's even thinking of changing the car's color now. 12

"Imma have to wrap my car because it looks like a boy and this car is a girl 😡," she captioned this pic.


Not only does she receive amazing gifts, she also gives them. 13

For her husband's birthday in December 2017, Cardi bought him a Bentley and a Wraith watch. Lifestyles of the rich and famous. 

She totally rocked Paris Fashion Week in September 2018. 14

She had some of the best looks during fashion month, including this gorgeous dress by Michael Costello.


Of course she loves her diamonds. 15

Cardi was dripping in ice after she made a stop at the jewelry store and tried on her new watches, necklaces and bracelets. 

Cardi bought herself a diamond-encrusted $400k Lola Bunny chain. 16

Look at how it shines!


She has her very own designer lipstick. 17

Why go to the drug store for makeup when you have your own Tom Ford lipstick in your purse?

This orange Mercedes-Benz truck isn't so bad either. 18

Cardi posed for a photo on top of the gorgeous truck in August 2018. 


Even Cardi's casual looks are extravagant. 19

Who else has a pair of heels to perfectly match their wigs?

Cardi found her match in husband, Offset. 20

That pair casually dropped thousands of dollars at a strip club in October 2018. In a video she shared on social media, the floor is completely covered in dollar bills.