Yes, Halloween is around the corner and every kid in America is impatiently waiting for that magical night when, not only do they get to dress up in the scariest get-up they can find, but they also get to go out around the neighborhood and get candy from strangers. How many things sound completely off with that statement? Perhaps that's why in Mexico, and in many other places in Latin America, this celebration never really took off, while the Day of the Dead became almost an institutionalized holiday. So much so that many have decided to make a strong stand for it and have tattooed different Day of the Dead motifs on their skin. We'll show you some of the best we've found.

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The Day of the Dead, which is actually quite serious and serves as the day we pay respect to those who have left us, happens anywhere between November 1st and November 2nd, as there's a great debate around when el Día de los Muertos should actually be celebrated. Families gather around DIY altars arranged with flowers, fruits and sweets to honor their dead family members and welcome them to the next life.

The Day of the Dead aesthetic has become quite well-known around the world, also turning the classic celebratory sugar skulls and Catrina's Dame of Death imagery into some of the most internationally recognized Mexican symbols. It should not come as a surprise that people would choose them as perfect tattoos, having a deep and personal meaning while looking very cool. Check out these 30, which you could use as inspiration for your next tat.

Sugar skulls can be quite spooky. 1

With time, the imagery around the Day of the Dead has become much more festive than frightening, but you can always find a good artist to give your tattoo a theatrical twist.


Death is bound to be a common factor in these tattoos. 2

Although the Day of the Dead is supposed to be a celebration of the life and spirit of those who have passed on, you cannot escape the symbols of death itself when talking about this day.


Is there a better way to declare your undying love for someone? 3

We honestly don't think so.

Of course the owl would be related to the Day of the Dead. 4

Alongside the crow, the owl is the scariest bird in the world. It lives in the forest and spends its nights flying through darkness. It was bound to end up on a Day of the Dead tatoo.


The depictions of Catrina, the Dame of Death, are varied and very creative. 5

In this case, she almost looks to have been inspired by Che Guevara, with the cigar and the beret.


This is a beautiful blend of a realistic woman with the Day of the Dead aesthetics. 6

Not trying to be scary is also a very cool option. The colors in this tattoo are truly amazing.


They say time ruins everything, except death. 7

Talk about an abstract concept here. A gorgeus girl, sugar skull makeup, a clock crushing the girl and a stunning rose. Día de los Muertos really goes well with everything when it comes to inspiring tattoos.

Abstract designs involving time are quite a popular theme. 8

Because what is death but the ultimate end of time on this earth. It makes total sense to have these concepts mixed up on abstract designs inspired by the Day of the Dead.


There's nothing spookier than a beautiful girl in Day of the Dead make up. 9

The look in this version of Catrina is mesmerizing. Of course, you couldn't miss the rose by the shoulder.

Some of these depictions even make us remember Heath Ledger's The Joker in "Dark Knight". 10

This is an amazing rendition of Catrina as a hand tattoo, albeit the color scheme choosen really does remind you of The Joker.


You have to love tattoos that seem to live under your skin. 11

This one being Day of the Dead themed is specially scary.

A very sexy Catrina-styled woman makes an amazing tattoo. 12

This is still a work in progress, but you can tell the fine features of this woman will make a terribly seductive Day of the Dead inspired tat.


Silence must be kept during Day of the Dead. 13

Although it has become quite the celebration in and out of Mexico, respect for the dead must be shown by keeping silence. This tattoo does just that.

You must trust, but always be careful who you trust. 14

I love this one! Fide sed cui vide is a strong Latin saying, that reminds us to always be weary of whom we put our trust in. But when you mix it with the sugar skull of the Day of the Dead and that amazing design... you get this masterpiece!



Sexy women have always been quite the motif mixed with Day of the Dead. 15

Mixing a pinup girl with Day of the Dead decor results in a very interesting tattoo.

The artistry and options that go into decorating sugar skulls are truly endless. 16

This piece is simply marvelous. The detail of every single part of the skull, including the flowers around it, are delightful... and spooky at the same time.


Sometimes it's also good to lighten up the mood with a colorful tattoo. 17

It doesn't always have to be super scary. Bright colors will make any sugar skull tattoo stand out and become more artistic than scary.

Sensuality can be quite scary. 18

This piece blends the motifs of the Day of the Dead to perfection.


There's really no rule of thumb to choosing the right Catrina look. 19

And that's what makes Day of the Dead a great inspiration for tattoos. You can choose your own adventure and simply add the motif for stylistic purposes.

Some people even modernize Catrina as much as posible. 20

No one said Catrina could not have been a city-dwelling teenager, right?


Owls are a clear motif of Day of the Dead, but they are not all super scary. 21

This version is actually quite classical and blends a Catrina-styled woman perfectly with the design of the owl's body.

The peacefulness of the Dame of Death itself also resonates a lot with this celebration. 22

In the Day of the Dead we show our respect for those who have passed, but in doing so we elicit imagery of a sensual and very calm Dame of Death. This piece speaks volumes to that end.


Don't cry for me Catrina? 23

Something about this tattoo reminds me of Madonna signing her heart out in Buenos Aires' Presidential palace.

Roses are the best complement to sugar skulls. 24

The more colorful the better. Takes off a bit of the scary edge, but makes for a beautfiul piece you can ink on your skin.


Sometimes a black and white scheme is really all you need. 25

Look at the detail on this piece. It is almost hypnotic.

Even though this tattoo is not fully finished, you can't help but admire the commitment to the Day of the Dead. 26

It's not only about the huge amount of real estate this tattoo will take, but also the intricacy of the design and how beautifully it depicts the most important aspects of the celebration. Slow clap for this one, for sure.


Albeit a little bit freaky, when you love the Day of the Dead aesthetics anything goes. 27

Painting a child with the sugar skull's makeup may not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you are into it, who's to say you are wrong?

The beauty of some of these designs make the tattoos irresistible. 28

There's something mesmerizing about a beautiful girl, with long luscious hair, in full sugar skull make up and decorated with colorful flowers.


The Dame of Death can be quiet mischievous too. 29

This design is sexy and frightening all in one. Perfect if you are looking for a Day of the Dead-inspired tat to be your next work in ink.

There's always the option to straight up scare anyone who looks at your tattoo. 30

There's nothing sugary about this skull, and that makes it simply amazing to stare at.