As in most cultures, one of the things we are most passionate about is our food. It is an integral part of Latino culture and we cannot stop eating it, talking about it, or watching recipes online. But there are some who are willing to go even further: They love their Latin food so much they have decided to brand it onto their skin forever. That way, if you ever run into someone with a tattoo of a taco, or a guacamole mortar, or even of a tamal, do not be alarmed.

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Whether it is your abuelita's best dish or something you ate on your first date with your husband, there's food that has simply made a mark in your life and you may be looking for the right type of inspiration to ink it on your skin. Well, look no further. We have scoured the internet and compiled a list of the best 40 Latin food tattoos around the web for you.

Sit back and enjoy, as you'll likely end up not only wanting to get a tattoo, but also craving some of the delicious Latin food you are about to see. Once you are done, you will only have to choose the right spot on your body to get the tattoo and run to your favorite tattoo parlor. But remember, don't make it look too real, or someone may want to bite it off.

Croquetas are a delicacy only Latin cuisine can offer. 1

Fill them up with whatever you like, but your taste buds will not forget the mix of béchamel sauce and crunchy deep-fried breading. It's so good, it's worth a tat on your body.


Tamales are very traditional and very delicious. 2

If you've never tried them, run to your closest Mexican, Venezuelan or any Central American restaurant and order them. Then, whether you end up getting the tattoo of them is a whole different story.


If there was ever a Latin food worth being tattooed, that is the taco. 3

But before a war erupts discussing what actually makes a taco a taco on each side of the border, I'm going to just leave this great tattoo here for inspiration and run away.

When you travel to Argentina or Uruguay, you'll wonder what kind of herbal tea is it that they are constantly sipping on. 4

Mate is not just a drink on both sides of the La Plata river: it is a way of life. So much so that it is not strange to see Argentines and Uruguayans with mate tattoos on their bodies.


Cubans swear by their cafecito, and if they don't, then they are not Cuban at all. 5

It is that simple. Cuban coffee defines life on and off the island, so much so that some have decided to live with it forever imprinted on their skin.


When you are in Spain, make sure you order jamón serrano by the pound. You can thank me later. 6

Few food items are as universally acclaimed as jamón serrano, regardless of if you eat it with bread or by the slice. It is a delicacy that will make you want to get a tattoo to honor it.


We love our corn. 7

One of the main staples of Latin cuisine, it is indiginous to the Americas and only reached Europe after the Spaniards exported it. Grilled corn on the cob with butter is one of Mexico's favorite dishes and so delicious it is definitely worth a tattoo.

Pupusas are the queens of Central America. 8

You cannot go to El Salvador, Nicaragua or Honduras without trying these savory pieces of heaven. Try them and if you like them, feel free to get a new tat.


Everything is spicy in Latino cuisine thanks to peppers. 9

You can't consider yourself a Latino if you can't handle some spice. So if you are looking for something that symbolizes your love for Latino food as tattoo inspiration, look no further.

Possibly the most delicious Latino food you can get tattooed is guacamole. 10

Because who doesn't love guacamole? Exactly.


Throw some nopal on your salad, but make sure you take off the spines. 11

This is a delicious ingredient you can eat and enjoy, or you can also get a beautiful tattoo of the flowery cactus it comes from.

A great seafood paella may very well be worth a tattoo. 12

Some people love it so much that they can have it for lunch and dinner. So why wouldn't you get a tattoo of it on your body? Makes sense to me.


Chocolate is as Latino as it gets. 13

If you really want to represent Latino food with your tattoo, what better than this pre-Hispanic food that can be enjoyed by itself, as a beverage or as a condiment in any dessert?

Tortilla de patatas is the favorite dish in Spain. 14

Not one week goes by in any household in Spain without a grandmother making this delicious blend of potatoes, egg, and onion. It is so special, that it actually makes sense to get it tattooed.


Meat skewers and pineapple are always ready in every corner in Mexico to make you the best tacos al pastor. 15

You should pay a little homage to it by getting it tattooed.

Tequila might not be considered a food, but it's got some passionate followers. 16

Plus, a tequila tattoo looks great and will give you and edge on the streets. So it is a win-win, no matter how you look at it.


Latinos have loved avocados for a really long time. 17

Avocado is so Latino that you almost want to get a tattoo to claim your ethnic ownership over it.

The banana is, perhaps, the most functional staple in Latino cuisine. 18

Whether you enjoy it sweet, salted, in chips, mashed in with your rice, or even as a dessert, chances are you love bananas or plantains as much as any other Latino, so there's a great reason to get this tattoo.


You may think pizza is an Italian and American food, but say that to an Argentine and you'll get an earful. 19

Pizza is a passion in Argentina, so it's not strange to find wonderful tattoos of it all over the country.

But if pizza is a the national pride of Argentine, then their asado is something they feel in their blood. 20

I once heard that there is not a single Argentine man who cannot work a grill for a proper Argentine barbecue. It is literally in their genes and in their blood, so much so that they are not afraid of inking it on their bodies.


Venezuela may be going through tough times, but everyone still boasts great pride over their arepas. 21

You can eat them in a hundred different ways, and no matter what you choose you will love it. Venezuelans are so proud of their national dish that they go as far as tattooing it, yes.

Argentina's favorite dessert is worth the pain of a tattoo. 22

If you've never tried an alfajor, you are missing out. When you do, you may decide it's so good you want it to live forever on your skin.


No Latino meal is complete without a homemade flan. 23

Arguably the continent's favorite dessert. So sweet and milky that is well worth getting it inked.

Probably one of the coolest and best tattoos you can get. 24

Nothing spells summer in Latin America as a cold glass of horchata. It's sweet and refreshing, plus it looks so good in a glass jar that your tattoo will really turn heads.


Cilantro is so important to Latino cuisine, if it didn't exist we would need to invent it. 25

There's nothing like the freshness that cilantro can add to any Latin dish, so it wouldn't be surprising you'd want a tattoo of it on your forearm.

The entire Caribbean lives off of deliciously sweet mangoes. 26

You can take any other product away from the Caribbean islands, as long as you don't touch the mangoes. It doesn't matter if it's Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba or any other Caribbean nation, they all love their mangoes, so a nice tattoo to go along with that love seems like a must.


Is there a more basic food in Latino culture than the bean? 27

The answer you are looking for is no. Whether you are thinking about the Caribbean, Central America, or South America, all countries have bean-rich diets. And if you are going to pay homage to the bean with a tat, what better way to do than with some humor?

This looks like an amazing tattoo of Argentine, Uruguay, and Brazil's favorite appetizer. 28

Unless you are vegan, you must love chorizos, and this tattoo truly captures the coolness of this delicious sausage.


Without hot sauce, how do you even know it is Latin food? 29

Hot sauce is the ultimate companion to any Latin dish, so it has all the right to also be considered as a potential tattoo.

Melon is one of the most traditional dessert fruits in Latino homes. 30

It is so special for Latinos that it may very well be the first memory of something sweet you ever had, which makes it a great candidate for a forever tattoo on your body.


Nothing spells Latin food like coconut. 31

It is one of those foods that you utilize 100% of it. Whether you grate it, or you eat in chunks, or you use its oil, or its milk, chances are if you are Latino you are eating coconut on a daily basis. The logical next step was to get it tattooed.

A juicy churrasco cannot be turned down, plus it makes a delicious tattoo. 32



Every country has its own version of the empanada. 33

It's hard to find someone who doesn't like empanadas. Whether they are Colombian, Argentinian, or Venezuelan, they are always delicious and well worth getting them imprinted on your skin forever.

If you think hot dogs are an American thing, then you haven't tried the Colombian perro. 34

But surely once you try it, with the mayo, pineapple, and chips, you will want to get it tattooed.


There is no Latin food without garlic. Period. 35

Something so important and basic to every single dish of Latin cuisine needs to have a important place in your body when tattooed, so make sure you choose wisely.

Enchiladas mix the best of Mexican cuisine in a single dish--and deserve a piece of real estate on your body. 36

Imagine a mix between a taco and a burrito, topped off with the best of Mexican salsas. There's really no reason not to get an enchilada tattooed on your body, come to think of it.


Some may not think of nachos as part of Latin cuisine, but hey, it's a great comfort food and makes a beautiful tattoo. 37

Imagine so many different textures and colors. What's not to like?

Manchego cheese is a delicacy in Spain you should be proud to get tattooed on your body. 38

Entire meals can be made up of manchego cheese, and it should be enjoyed slowly alongside a good glass of red wine. Such bliss will surround you, that you'll want to run to your nearest tattoo parlor to get it inked on your skin.


Green peppers are not only delicious, but also make great tattoos. 39

So big, so chunky, so colorful. Green peppers can be found in almost every Latino dish. It also makes a wonderful tattoo.

Every Latino dish simply tastes better with lime. 40

This makes it perfectly OK to get it tattooed.