She's on a boat. 1

We love this bathing suit, the only thing we're worried about is the tan lines.


Demi knows a high-waisted bikini is always flattering. 2

We love this angle.


Demi sure loves this striped one piece. 3

She looks great in it, so why not wear it more than once?

She looked so sultry in this shot. 4

It's like she's looking right into your eyes.


This style looks great on her. 5

The high-waist style is definitely her thing.


Makeup-free Demi is a vision. 6

She looks beautiful with or without makeup but this selfie is SO beautiful.


She was pretty in pink. 7

Her pink bathing suit matched her bed. Now THAT's style.

Demi paired this halter-top suit with a sexy high ponytail. 8

She wore this look during one scene for her video "Sorry Not Sorry." She was really looking amazing.


The singer was working her legs. 9

Demi has the best poses.