All about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the youngest woman ever to serve in Congress


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is just another phenomenal example of why Latinas are the future of the United States. The young politician made history on Tuesday, November 6, by winning the race to represent New York's 14th Congressional District, which covers the Bronx, Rikers Island and some areas in Queens. 

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Her win is historic for many reasons, but mostly because she is now the youngest woman ever in the history of the country to be elected to Congress. She has been open about the importance of having people who care about our issues, who know what our people need representing us. Now she, along with many other minority women who won last night, will be able to fight for change on a much larger scale. ¡Qué orgullo! 

The politician won the race to represent New York's 14th Congressional District.

The politician won the race to represent New York's 14th Congressional District.

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Following the midterm elections on Tuesday, November 6, she beat Republican rival Anthony Pappas 76.8% to 14.8%, according to the Associated Press. She was predicted to win the midterm elections after her success in the Democratic primaries in blue New York. 


She will become the youngest woman ever to serve in Congress.

She will become the youngest woman ever to serve in Congress.

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She made history with her win and will now be the first young millenial in Congress. Before Alexandria, Elise Stefanik held the title after she was elected to Congress in 2014 when she was 30.


She won in the Democratic Primary in New York in June 2018 with 57.13% of the votes.

The then-28-year-old, first-time candidate for office, beat incumbent House Democrat Representative Joe Crowley in New York's 14th Congressional District on June 26. Alexandria, who is a third-generation New Yorker of Puerto Rican descent, made history when she challenged Crowley for his seat in Congress after he held the title for 10 terms. The Bronx native was the first person to go against him in 14 years and he even opted out of attending two scheduled debates between him and the Latina. Her grassroots campaign and focus on the issues that New Yorkers truly care about gave her an awe-inspiring victory.

She continued to campaign and speak on the issues that matter following her primaries win.

She has endorsed single-payer health care and immigration reform, and has spoken out against sexual violence and ICE. 


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez comes from humble beginnings.

Just last year, Alexandria was working at Flats Fix, a taco and tequila bar in Manhattan, as a bartender to help make ends meet and support her family. After her successful grassroots campaign, she will be now representing Queens and the Bronx.

Her parents met in Puerto Rico.

Alexandria was born in the Bronx to a mother who was born and raised in Puerto Rico and a dad who was born in the South Bronx. The pair met and married on the island but moved to New York and bought a small apartment to raise their daughter in. 


Alexandria is a member of the socialist democratic party.

She’s part of the Democratic Socialists of America, which is a leftist organization that focuses on progressive platforms. In her platform, she promised Medicare and higher education for all, gun control measures, putting an end to private prisons and ICE. 

She wants to make living in NYC affordable again.

In an interview with Vogue magazine, Alexandria opened up about how much NYC has changed in recent years and how her family, who has lived in the Bronx for three generations, can barely afford to stay in the city. Her mom was forced to move to Florida because rent had gone up exponentially. “This city is becoming too inaccessible and too unaffordable for normal people to live in anymore. My family is three generations deep in the Bronx, and my own mother can’t afford to live in the same city, in the same state as me anymore, because it’s gotten too expensive,” she told the magazine.


She chose to focus on young people during her campaign.

On the day of the primaries, Alexandria took to Twitter to share that she had witnessed two young men of color in their 20s come in to vote. She devoted some of her time to reaching the younger members of her community, even after experts told her it was a waste of time. “What we need to realize, especially when we’re talking about women of color, people of color, working class, poor candidates, you make them viable by choosing to support someone who you agree with. I got lucky,” she said to Vogue. “There are a lot of other candidates like me out there: 2016 was disheartening for a lot of people, but the problem, again, is early cynicism. Our first reaction should be: How can I help you? And the only reason I am here today is because a very small critical mass of people was willing to take a risk.”

Alexandria is a hands-on politician.

The young leader headed to Tornillo, Texas last week to visit a child detention center where she confronted border officers who have been separating families at the border between the United States and Mexico following President Donald Trump’s family separation policy. 


Alexandria previously worked with Bernie Sanders.

She’s a former organizer for Bernie Sander’s presidential campaign and also worked with Senator Ted Kennedy. After her win, Bernie sent her a message via Twitter congratulating her for her “extraordinary” victory. 

She refused corporate donations.

Throughout her campaign, the activist didn’t rely on corporate donations because they weren’t in line with some of the causes she plans to fight for in her new role. One of them is to establish more severe policing of luxury real estate development in the New York City area. 

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