10 Breakup tattoos you have to see to believe

breakup tattoos

Sure it's all fun and games when you are in love and decide to get a tattoo commemorating what is surely going to be a never-ending love story. But what happens when that love story does come to an end?

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Well, some folks follow the split with breakup tattoos. Yup, breakup tattoos are a thing and some of them are actually quite clever, as you will see. Click through to check 'em out. 

Diamonds may be forever, but not all marriages are.

Both sad and poetic, this tattoo says a lot with just one glimpse. 


Put a broken heart on it.

When the finger they put a ring on no longer has a ring on it, a broken heart just about sums it up. 


Fired, quit or laid off?

If you want to let everyone know who broke up with who, say it with body art. 

Breakup song on repeat?

Music helps so many people get through breakups. Looks like someone was listening to Taylor Swift while nursing their broken heart. 


Once it's tainted, it's tainted.

Sometimes it's so far gone there is no going back, right? 


You know who you are!

This one is particularly funny because the original tattoo doesn't even name a specific person! 🤣😂😆

Dead and dead.

This couple got matching divorce tattoos. I guess they both agree they're done. 


Stamp of disapproval.

Where once there was love, now there is a big ol' VOID. 

Perhaps a permanent reminder is in order.

This would be a great reminder for someone with an on-again, off-again kind of relationship.