Cabello has been a vocal advocate for immigration reform and in support of the Dreamers. She even took to stage at the Grammys and delivered a powerful heartfelt speech about immigrants and her own story. It was the moment of the night. But there is so much about Camila's personal story and her family's journey to the U.S. that we didn't know and that she's opened up about it recently, which makes her even more of an inspiration.


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The Cuban Mexican artist came to the U.S. when she was a young girl. Although she had a Cuban passport and at the time Cubans didn't have immigration problems, it was terrifying. Her dad's ordeal was even worse.

I was surprised to learn how the Cabello family made it to this country and how much Camila's story resonates with so many Latino (and non-Latino) immigrant families. No wonder she is so vocal about the Dreamers. Their journey is her journey, and she never forgets it.

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