Getting any type of tattoo is a commitment, right? It's a rhetorical question, but just in case: the answer is an unequivocal YES. Now that we've settled that, can we then all agree that getting couple tattoos is a commitment to being in a commitment? Again, the answer is an unequivocal yes.

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That means that you better be VERY sure that the person you are getting a couple tattoo with is the ONE or, not to be jaded, you could also get couple tattoos that work even if you end up flying solo at some point. 

In the spirit of love with a good dose of realism, we've rounded up some of our favorite couple tattoos from around the web for your viewing pleasure and perhaps inspiration. Check 'em out.



Perfect for love birds. 1

These song birds are cute on their own, but when you put them side by side it becomes obvious that they are love birds. 


For the queen and her king. 2

Again, another couple tattoo idea that works for the individual as well as the couple. 



You complete me. 3

Half a mandala for you and your media naranja.

A simple heart to heart. 4

For two people that love each other.


Peace and love. 5

No one else needs to know that you got these for each other, but you will always know. 


Check your mate. 6

Perfect for chess lovers who are also lovers.


For the yin to your yang. 7

Because opposites attract.

To profess your undying love. 8

Such a clever way of depicting eternal love.


The key to your heart. 9

It's up to the two of you to decide who gets the key and who gets the heart.

When like attracts like. 10

Ha! For a couple with a sense of humor. 


Minnie and Mickey couple goals. 11

Why not? Minnie and Mickey have been together for a VERY long time. 

His and hers sugar skulls. 12

Because even death won't do you part.


Literally his and hers tattoos. 13

Another way of saying "I am yours and you are mine."

A couple of pines. 14

Because you pine for each other. Get it? 


Perfectly aligned. 15

There's something sweet about lining up perfectly when you wrap your arms around each other. 

Always in bloom. 16

A reminder to tend to your love so that it continues to blossom. 


Two of hearts. 17

Like the song that goes: "Two of hearts. Two hearts that beat as one." 

Ringing endorsement of your love. 18

A lovely variation on a ring finger tattoo.


To infinity and beyond. 19

Because your love knows no limits and you're both Toy Story fans.

For the couple that's fierce. 20

And fiercely in love with each other. 


Para el Catrin y su Catrina. 21

Dandy tattoos for a dandy couple. 

Riding the waves of love. 22

For a love that's as deep as the ocean.


One eye each. 23

When you only have eyes for each other.

Birds of a feather... 24

...flock together. 


A piece of the pie. 25

For pizza lovers! Notice the single heart shaped pepperoni on each tattoo. 

Why Calacas? 26

Because you make no bones about how much you love each other.


More sweet sugar skull options. 27

Sweet on each other. 

Just a couple of lovers. 28

No explanation needed.


Aren't these dear? 29

Two deers for two dears. 

Friends and lovers. 30

Two crossed arrows represent friendship. All lovers should be friends, but not all friends should be lovers.