Ah, the miracle of life. No sooner are you holding your precious bundle of joy in your arms that you are... Well, very aware of the HEALING you're doing down there. Yes, I said it. Although it may take weeks or even months for you to get back into the mindset of your regular rhythm or desires, there WILL come a point where you will be ready, willing and able to have sex after baby. And then what? Honestly, it sounds terrifying at first. Your body has been through an ordeal and on top of that you're probably constantly tired and maybe even overstressed. And did we mention the lack of sleep? 


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But lack of sleep aside, you and your partner probably want to get intimate at some point... but you also know that you can't just jump back into the sack without knowing all that's going on down there, in your pants and in your head. Your feelings may change and you will likely be more vulnerable than usual. You know, hormones. That's not the only thing that has changed, though. Your body has gone through a lot during the birth of your child (whether you had a vaginal delivery or a Cesarean section) and you will definitely need time to recover. But how much time exactly? And how will you know whne you are "ready" for sex after baby? 

There are MANY questions you might have about sex after baby and we are here to answer them. According to Glamour, one of the more common concerns is all about the fears you may have about getting back into it. There's a lot you should first understand about your body's changes and, most importantly, what you and your partner can expect once you decide that you are going for it. Here are 12 things you should know about having sex after baby... And don't worry, none of them are that scary. 

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