Jennifer Lopez shows her support for the #TimesUp movement from PR & it's powerful

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This past Sunday Jennifer Lopez was in Puerto Rico alongside her partner Alex Rodriguez to check in on hurricane recovery efforts, but her philanthropy and activism did not stop there. Back in California, a movement was brewing at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards, and though J.Lo was not there, she spoke out in full support.


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If you were on social media or watching TV at all yesterday, you probably saw some coverage of the awards show. If you follow any female celebrities on social media, you probably saw the hashtag #TIMESUP. Even if you didn't know what it was about, you knew something was happening.

Well, female celebrities rallied together yesterday to let the world know that they as an industry would no longer put up with injustices such as abuse, harassment, unequal pay and marginalization.

Nearly every woman in attendance at The Golden Globes--from Eva Longoria to Mariah Carey--wore black to draw attention to these issues, and the night was filled with beautiful, poignant moments intended to uplift women, not just in entertainment but all of us as a people.

Though our girl Jennifer was busy taking care of business in PR and not in attendance at The Globes, she made sure all of her fans know that she stands in solidarity with her sisters.

In a speech she gave on Sunday morning--with A-Rod right by her side--she said in a tearful voice, "A lot of the women with #TIMESUP are standing up for equality--to be treated equally--and for sexual harassment, and I stand here today in black doing the same."

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Donned in a black turtleneck and black pants, she went on to speak out for equal treatment of Puerto Rican citizens, who have faced numerous injustices as American citizens, particularly in the wake of the disasterous hurricanes of 2017.

All I can say is, I am here for all of this. It speaks volumes that Jennifer not only chose to skip the glitzy awards show to show up for the people of Puerto Rico instead, to follow through on the efforts she championed immediately after Hurricane Maria.

Not only did she put those in need before herself and what I'm sure would have been an amazing night for her, but she managed to speak out on the immensely important issues all in attendance at The Globes were uniting to draw attention to.

She absolutely didn't have to do that. Honestly, no one would have noticed if she didn't since she wasn't a part of the Golden Globes this year. But she did it anyway. She clearly sees how important it is for us to join together in volumes on the issues that matter.

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