15 Celebs supporting Keaton Jones in his fight against bullying

Celebs who are standing with Keaton Jones, the boy who spoke against bullying
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By now you've probably heard of Keaton Jones, a student at Horace Maynard Middle School in Maynardville in Union County, Tennessee who has been experiencing some brutal bullying. It got so bad that he asked his mom to film a video of him talking about his own personal experience with being bullied. It has since gone viral. But what Keaton probably didn't expect was to have a number of celebs support him through this whole thing. 

In the video, a frustrated Keaton is seen talking about his issues with bullying. "They make fun of my nose, they call me ugly, they say I have no friends … they poured milk on me," he says while holding back tears.

It's devastating to watch, but Keaton's video has drawn the attention of a number of celebs who have since expressed their sympathy towards the boy and what he's going through and have endorsed anti-bullying messages. I'm talking everyone from Chris Evans, Katy Perry, Mark Ruffalo, Ryan Seacrest, Enrique Iglesias, Snoop Dogg, Jennifer Lopez and more. 

Here's a look at a few celebs who have really been working as advocates to help support this young boy and get the message of anti-bullying out there!

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Justin Bieber shared a video talking about Keaton to Instagram.

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"The fact that he still has the sympathy and compassion for other people when he’s still going through it himself is a testament to who he is,” Justin said. 


Ryan Seacrest shared a kind meme.

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"#KeatonJones, your curiosity and kindness will overcome this moment and bring you many better days to come,” he captioned his IG post. 

Snoop Dogg shared Keaton’s video to IG and showed him some love.

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"Say lil Man U gotta friend in me for life, hit me on dm so we can chop it up love is the only way to beat hate,” he wrote. 


Chiquis Rivera had a lot to say about all this.

She shared the video to her IG and wrote: "For all those BULLIES, Instathugs and cyber gangstas’ who are so brave behind a computer or cellphone!! This is for YOU. I hope you sit back and analyze yourself, your life and your actions! Does it really make you feel better to make fun of other people and point out their flaws? Do you enjoy making others feel sad just because you’re unhappy?? Smh," she wrote. 

Eva Longoria shared some very compassionate and kind words.

"I love this boy and I’ve never met him," she captioned the reposted video. "YOU are my angel my friend, don’t ever let others define who you are. You are brave and beautiful just as you are. Bullies are insecure and ignorant. Words create emotional poison, don’t listen to them so that poison doesn’t ever get to your pure heart. I think you are a special human being that deserves nothing but happiness. And you will have it. Many blessings to you. And when you think you don’t have the strength, you should know I’m sending you all my energy to help you through.” 


Chris Evans gave Keaton some great advice.

He shared a very kind note for the young boy on Twitter. 

Katy Perry was very affected by Keaton’s video.

Her tweet was short but sweet. 


Mark Ruffalo shared his own experience with bullying.

He also let it be known that Keaton could count on him as a friend. 

Gabriel Iglesias used Keaton’s video to raise awareness.

He encouraged people to watch and share it. 


Enrique Iglesias shared about it on Twitter.

He was heartbroken by Keaton’s video. 

‘Stranger Things’ actress Millie Bobby Brown was so disturbed by the bullying Keaton has experienced.

"Why do people do this?” she wrote in her tweet. 


Tom Payne agreed to meet with Keaton and his family.

"Not sure if you’re a Walking Dead fan but if it happens that you are then please be in touch as I would love to see you and your family @WalkrStalkrCon Show in Nashville next year. On Me,” he wrote. 

Even conservative political commenter Sean Hannity showed his support.

He claims he’d like to get in touch with Keaton’s school and get to the bottom of everything. 


Football player Jarret Guarantano actually met up with Keaton.

"So I got the chance to spend the day with my new best bud Keaton," he captioned this sweet picture to Twitter. "It was unbelievable to get to know him and realize that we have a lot in common," he wrote. 

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