baby santa
Image via kiddcarrillo/Instagram

No one says, "Santa is the reason for the season," but spotting Santa during the holiday season does seem to have a cheery effect on childen. If a jolly old Santa can bring us cheer, imagine the joy that a baby Santa could bring. 

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Wait, you don't have to imagine because we've rounded up some of the cutest Instagram pictues of babies dressed as Santa that prove Sant-"awww" Claus is coming to town! 

Grab a cup of chocolate caliente then click through the gallery to see Santa babies that will make you all kinds of merry. 

When your cheeks are too cute for a beard. 1

Why would anyone want to cover up those chubby cheeks? It wouldn't be right. 


Sometimes being Santa sucks. 2

At least it does when you bring your own chupete


"You didn't say where I should put the beard." 3

Loving this baby's creative placement of a beard. Don't you?

"But don't most fireplaces have fires in them?" 4

This cutie is understandably concerned about the risks involved in going down chimneys. 


“What do you mean I have to wear this hat?” 5

Someone's not a fan of the pointy hat.

The rarest of all creatures. 6

Meet the mythical Unicorn Santa. 


Because you never know when you'll need a spare Santa. 7

These two are totally #twinning Christmas. 

Looks like someone needs a pep talk. 8

Being Santa is a big job for such a little baby. 


Proof that Santa is just like us. 9

You'd think that Santa would get a Christmas tree delivered as part of the gig, but nope. He's gotta strap it to the top of his car and drive it home just like us. 

Baby, it's cold outside. 10

Why, baby? Why won't you put on a sweater? You're gonna catch a cold if you don't wear a sueter


This elf don't need no shelf. 11

Can you blame this elf for preferring a baby over a shelf?