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Juan Ángel López
, better known as Jenni Rivera's youngest child Johnny, confirmed he's bisexual and in love with another boy. His decision to share his sexual orientation with the world speaks of his incredible bravery and self-confidence. It could also be a game changer for how the Latino community deals with homosexuality.


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Sitting next to his older sister Chiquis, Johnny explained that he has been in an on-off relationship with another boy named Joaquín for two years. In that time, he also dated girls, but five months ago, he decided to commit to his now boyfriend.

If his mom wasn't who she was and if his family weren't as famous and as prone to controversy as it has been, Johnny's coming out would not be news. Johnny, who is part of the reality show The Riveras, has been in the public eye practically since birth. But the relevance of Jenni Rivera to Latinos in the U.S. and the passion her fans feel about her memory and her kids make Johnny's revelations more important than you could imagine. Let me tell you why.

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