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One of the best life lessons I have ever received was, hilariously, from the movie Moulin Rouge. There was a quote that they repeated over and over that I took to heart. "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return," which was often spoken by John Leguizamo. While love is absolutely the best thing on the planet and marriage quickly follows, keeping a happy marriage isn't exactly easy. Things can get boring and stale sometimes, which is why having a healthy love life is key. But how do you spice things up without taking things too far? 


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When it comes to tricks to reconnect with your partner, one of the best tricks I know is dirty talk. However, dirty talk is not an easy thing to accomplish and it's certainly not easy to bring up with a partner when you've never done it together before. Even if you were a pro before, every relationship is different and this might be the one where you aren't yet comfortable with taking things to that level (yet). 

This is where we come in. Thanks to Glamour, dirty talk just got easier. But the really big thing about dirty talk is that you probably want to try it but you do not want to come off like a porn star. For one, it would be embarrassing. For second, it wouldn't be alluring. It might even make the two of you laugh, but it certainly wouldn't set a fire between the sheets. Luckily, though, there are some steps you can take to make dirty talk something to look forward to. It can be very appealing when done the right way, when you learn how to start and what to say, and even the voice trick that might make your hubby go bananas for you. To find out more, here are 10 ways for talking dirty without actually feeling dirty. Trust us, you'll love it with these tips.