Celebs who have channeled Selena Quintanilla
One of the most impressive Halloween costumes we've seen in all our years looking at and breaking down celebrity dress-ups was Demi Lovato dressed as the late Selena Quintanilla. She went all in with the signature bell-bottomed jumpsuit, a dark-haired wig, and of course red lips. I'm telling you, she looked just like her! But Demi isn't the only celeb who has channeled her inner Selena. Many celebs have channeled our Mexican legend in many ways, either dressing up as her or simply honoring her by performing her songs.

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America Ferrera also dressed up like Selena in 2017 nd the transformation was pretty amazing. The wig alone was everything! Even Kim Kardashian dressed up like Selena as one of her four costumes this year inspired by musical icons. I'm still not too sure how I feel about it, though.

Selena Quintanilla still holds a special place in our heart, so it's not uncommon to find celebs who are still huge fans. We've seen everyone from Chiquis Rivera, Jackie Guerrido, Becky G and even Keke Palmer have paid tribute to Selena. That's how important the Tejano singer still is for so many people. Here's a look at a few stars who are still all about Selena!

Kim Kardashian surprised us on Halloween night dressed as Selena. 1

In 2017, Kim hit up a few Halloween parties dressed as Cher, Madonna, and even Aaliyah. But no one saw this Selena Quintanilla costume coming. It's amazing!



Demi Lovato totally slayed as Selena. 2

Seriously, she nailed it!



América Ferrera channeled her inner Selena and looked amazing. 3

That wig is everything though!


Jennifer Lopez reached stardom because of Selena. 4

Jennifer Lopez did an amazing job playing Selena in the 1997 movie. We still associate the Tejano songstress with J.Lo today. 



Jennifer Lopez paid tribute to the singer again in 2015. 5

Jen performed alongside Selena's family during the 2015 Latin Billboards. She wore a pink bustier and high-waisted trousers, just like the late singer used to famously wear on stage.



Chris Brown's daughter dressed up as Selena and melted our hearts. 6

Royalty Brown dressed up as the Tejano queen for Halloween 2016, and she was the cutest little Selena we've ever seen!



Chiquis Rivera killed it with her version of "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom." 7

She looked and sounded amazing. 


Jackie Guerrido channeled her inner Selena to help others. 8

The presenter performed a Selena cover song at the Mexican event, Teletón to help raise money for people who live with disabilities and raising awareness. 


A lot of folks think Victoria La Mala looks like Selena. 9

She must consider this a huge compliment especially considering she's a huge fan herself. 

Becky G has been a fan since she was a little girl. 10

She performed a Selena song when she was little on Sábado Gigante. Earlier this year she did a remake of "Si Una Vez" with Frankie J that was fire. 


Becky paid tribute to the singer on stage in 2018. 11

Becky sang the English version of "Si Una Vez" during the Fiesta De La Flor in 2018 in Selena's hometown Corpus Christi, Texas.

Erica Mena has caught some heat for paying homage to the late singer. 12

The reality star has been criticized in the past for comparing herself to the singer, but she continues doing so because Selena is one of her idols. She wore this cute crop top with a phot of the "Si Una Vez" singer on her chest. 


Influencer Desi Perkins dressed up as Selena for Halloween 2017 and she NAILED it. 13

Everything from the lipstick, the smile, the curves and the outfit were on point! She totally transformed into Sel, and it's almost scary how much she looked like her.

Desi channeled Selena again in April 2018. 14

She dressed up as the singer for the 2018 Fiesta de La Flor and looked amazing!


Keke Palmer dressed as Selena and looked amazing. 15

She has admitted that her go-to karaoke is "Amor Prohibido." 

There are a few folks that have paid tribute to Selena with comedy. 16

Ximena Hoyo did a comedy sketch imitating Selena. We're not too sure how we feel about it, though. 



Lala Romero dressed up as Grammys Selena! 17

For Halloween 2017, Lala dressed up as a version of Selena that others haven't dressed up as often as the purple one piece ensemble. She wore a cream/gold dress and updo to look how Selena did at the Grammys in 1994. 

Model Nicole Williams dressed up as Selena for Halloween 2015. 18

The reality TV star wore a replica of the outfit Selena wore during her show at the Astrodome in Houston in 1995. 


Even Google Doodle recognized the singer. 19

On October 17, 2017 Goodle Doodle paid a tribute to the honorary late Tejano singer. How amazing is that?

Selena will always hold a special place in our hearts. 20

Selena will always hold a special place in our hearts.


It's been more than 20 years since she's passed away but she still means so much to her fans and to the world.