Celebrities that are helping Puerto Rico

The aftermath of Hurricane Maria on the island of Puerto Rico has been devastating to say the least. The storm not only left millions of residents without power and destroyed homes, but at least 16 people have died. Celebrities have really stepped up to help the people of Puerto Rico get back on their feet and it's been an inspiration to see. 


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Tough times like this call for people to rise up and really help out and quite a few stars including Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Daddy Yankee--just to name a few--have really done their part in contributing to Puerto Rico's Hurricane Maria relief efforts.

Some have raised funds, while others have donated large sums of money or flown their private jets down to help cancer patients continue their chemo (thanks, Pitbull). With Puerto Rico's infrastructure practically destroyed, it's crucial that the people there get the help they need to get supplies, water, food, and more to the people. Here's a look at a few celebs that are honestly the heroes of the day!

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