Pitbull sends private plane to bring cancer patients from PR & we love him so much right now

pitbull sends aid to puerto rico

Pitbull is the latest celebrity to show the world which cloth he's cut from. The Latino rapper and international pop star recently sent a private plane to Puerto Rico to rescue cancer patients from hospitals that were affected by Hurricane Maria.


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Many cancer patients in Puerto Rico have been unable to receive chemotherapy treatments since Hurricane Maria ravaged the island, so apparently upon hearing word of this, Pit decided to fly them to the U.S. so that they could resume treatment.

It's one of those things that probably hasn't crossed the minds of many. But yes, there are many people undergoing life-saving medical treatments that have not been able to continue doing so due to the hurricane.

This is a big deal, especially since airfare prices from Puerto Rico to nearly anywhere in the U.S. have skyrocketed, further limiting options for Boricuas that are struggling to get help.

Pitbull saw a need and did what he could to meet it. He didn't make a grand announcement, but rather was thanked publicly by a congresswoman after the fact.

In an age when celebrities are often dismissed as being "all talk and no action" or simply going where the money takes them, Pitbull's act shows that in this time of need, there are celebs out there doing everything they can to help. From their hearts, and not for their own gain.

In the wake of recent hurricanes and earthquakes, our Latino stars are showing the world that it isn't just about public relations, but about people helping people.

Hopefully large acts of humanity like Pitbull's can inspire us all to give what we can of our time and resources to help those in need--no matter how big or small.

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