The world seems to be awed by the images of people helping each other after the deadly earthquake in Mexico and shocked by the thousands of stories of solidarity and love during Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Are you surprised? I'm not.


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While I'm not Mexican or Puerto Rican, I have walked the streets of both beautiful countries, have met countless people from both places and have many friends who were born (or whose parents were born) in both places.

Our Latino culture promotes togetherness and love. That's who we are.

Looking at the images that have been coming out of Mexico, hearing the desperate messages of Boricuas outside the island and the amazing efforts they are putting together to help the people of Puerto Rico, the first thing that came to my mind is how lucky the U.S. is to have us here.

Take a look at these photos and remind yourself and everyone around you, that Latinos are in here in the States because the governments in our countries have failed us, not because our people are less than anyone else. And if you get grief from anybody, just show them who we are and what we're made of.

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