taco tattoo

Some people say they love tacos, but what they really mean is that they think tacos are delicious and look forward to their weekly taco Tuesday grub session. Then there are the die-hard taco devotees that would never think of only giving tacos one day a week.

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They love tacos so much that they want to profess their love 365 days a year and look forward to leap years because it gives them an extra day to love on their favorite food item. Some of them are so committed that they get taco tattoos because they know it's a love affair they will never grow tired of.

Click through to see some of the best taco tattoos we found online. WARNING: You may end up with a serious taco craving.

Small tacos are great! 1

Save up enough nickels and you could get this nickel-sized taco tattoo. So cute! 


There's life and then there's taco life. 2

For some a life without tacos is no kind of life. 


Because tacos are magical. 3

Unicorn tacos are what dreams are made of. 

It's all in the details. 4

Part of the beauty of tacos is that you can build them any way you want. This baby, is stacked! 


Don't wanna taco 'about it? 5

Tired of having to let everyone know just how much you love tacos? Let your tattoo do the talking for you so that your mouth is free to munch on you know what. 


Sometimes basic does it. 6

Nothing wrong with a basic depiction of the object of your affection. 


A wise person has priorities. 7

This person knows that tacos always come before vatos. 

Some people like 'em soft. 8

Hard tacos get a lot of attention, but shout out to soft tacos because they are delicious too. 


Doggone it, if this one isn't cute! 9

Ha! How about merging your love of tacos with your love of puns and pets? 

Do you take this taco to be your love? 10

If someone asks you if you love tacos, the only right answer is "YES!" 


Discrimination is unacceptable. 11

Uh, a diet that does not allow tacos is worthy of rioting over. 

Oysters are so last century. 12

Why would you want the world to be your oyster, when it could be your taco instead? 


Knowing what matters makes all the difference. 13

There are only a few things that truly matter in life, the rest are just noise. 

Made to scale. 14

Wow, this one looks like it's the actual size of a taco. That's some big love right there. 


Sorry, mom. 15

Mom tattoos are cool and all, but they've got some serious competition. 

It's the only kind of abduction that makes any sense. 16

If aliens were to abduct anything from this planet, tacos would really be the best choice.



The tentacles give it away. 17

It's kind of hard not to notice that what we've got here is an octopus tattoo.

A simple declaration of love. 18

The kind of love that will actually last forever.


Some tacos are more mysterious than others. 19

Not sure what kind of taco this is, but it's looking tasty-ish.

Hasta la muerte and then some. 20

Perfect for professing your undying love.


It's a wrap! 21

No, it's a soft taco!

Above all else. 22

Some people put tacos over vatos and other people put tacos over everything.


This one's kind of fishy. 23

Maybe not the kind of taco that makes your mouth water, but it looks like it came from the water.

Pyschedelic taco tattoo. 24

Trippy, dude! Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


Living the taco life! 25

A taco life is a great life.


These boots where made for tacos. 26

Nothin' wrong with a well-dressed taco.


The food trifecta. 27

Because a person can't live on tacos alone.


This taco is all business. 28

Slow down, little guy!


Tacos are classy like that. 29

Instead of a "tramp stamp," you can get a taco stamp.

A Deadpool taco. 30

This is a Marvel-ous tattoo. Get it? As in Marvel comics?


Add some chile on the side. 31

That taco is fresh and so is that chile.


Heaven HAS to have tacos. 32

If there are no tacos in heaven, then it ain't heaven. Just sayin'!


Such a pretty picture. 33

A lovely taco in a lovely hand.


Nails on fleek. 34

Go get a taco to show off your manicure.



Camarón pelon tu quieres... 35

...camarón pelon te doy. Just like the song says.

This taco rocks! 36

What, you thought tacos only like Ranchera music?


Is it a taco or is it a ninja? 37

It's a ninja taco! Respect.

Thug for life. 38

This taco didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose him.


Da bomb! 39

There's no denying that tacos are da bomb!


What's better than a taco? 40

A taco in yo' belly!