Image via amigoslactancia/Instagram

If you've ever felt shy about breastfeeding, then maybe you should head to the malls of Colombia. There, the breastfeeding rights group Amigos de la Lactancia (Friends of Breastfeeding) is installing breastfeeding mannequins in malls and other retail locations across the South American country in an attempt to remove the stigma from nursing in public. Here are some of the best and most inspirational photos from the campaign. 

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1. Normalizing breastfeeding in Colombia is great. 1

Can't you just imagine yourself in this same pose?


2. The organization believes in its mission. 2

Hooray to all the moms who breastfeed!


3. The goals of the organization are to keep spreading their message. 3

Cheers to fellow breastfeeding moms! 

4. It's important for moms to know they're not alone. 4

Seeing something like this might make you feel better. 


5. Even small shops can spread the message. 5

Hooray for spreading the love to all women!

6. Little girls who see the mannequins can get inspired, too. 6

Moms might have an easier time explaining breastfeeding to their young kids this way. 


7. Women across the county should be inspired thanks to this campaign. 7

Just look at this daughter and mother duo checking this mannequin out. 

8. Inspiration to breastfeed in public comes in all forms, really. 8

No matter what you wear, feeling comfortable is what matters. 


9. The stigma associated with breastfeeding in public improves slowly. 9

Just ask this woman, who is happily holding her baby next to the breastfeeding mannequin.

10. Ultimately, this organization is helping to make moms feel normal. 10

And moms feeling good about their parenting is what matters. Am I right?