Adriana Lima announces she's married, but it's not what you think

Congratulations are in order for supermodel and Victoria's Secret angel, Adriana Lima, who's been rocking a new diamond band on her hand. That's right, the woman is married but not to who you'd think. She's officially married to herself. In fact, she recently announced the news on Instagram in one of the best self-love moves I've ever seen.


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Adriana sparked some engagement rumors after being spotted at the Monaco's Grand Prix on Sunday wearing a diamond wedding band on her ring finger. This was especially ironic, especially considering she's no longer dating New York Mets player Matt Harvey. It turns out the 35-year-old mom of two is 100 percent married to herself and 100 percent single. Yassss!

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"What's up with the ring? It's symbolic. I am committed to myself and my own happiness. I am married with me. Ladies love yourself and yes I am single," she captioned a photo of her wearing the ring to Instagram. 

There is nothing more powerful and inspiring than a woman who loves herself enough to be comfortable being alone. This is such an important message to be sending out these days. With all the pressure women (especially in their 30s) get to have a man, it's refreshing to see someone not give in to that pressure and not give AF what anyone has to say about her single status. 

There are quite a few female celebs out there who have embraced their pride in being single. Everyone from Mindy Kaling to Chelsea Handler and even Halle Berry have opened up about it. 

"It's not just O.K. to be single for both men and women. It's wonderful to be single, and society needs to embrace singlehood in all it's splendiferous solitary glory," Chelsea Handler said in an interview with Time. "Next time you see a single woman, instead of asking her where her boyfriend, husband or eunuch is, congratulate her on her accomplished sense of self and for reaching the solitary mountaintop by herself without a ring on her finger weighing her down like a male paperweight." 

Mindy Kaling has also found freedom and happiness in being alone as well.

"It's funny, I used to freak out about being single much more in my twenties," she told Buzzfeed. "I've noticed that the more professional success I have, or the more happy I am professionally, the less I worry about that because I have a great deal of professional confidence. I have this thing and it's happened like five times a year on a Sunday night, the feeling like, 'Oh, a family would be great.' Not even being in a relationship, but a family because I'm 35. I think what snaps me out of it is just the fact that I love being by myself." 

Halle Berry even recently posted a picture of herself rocking a T-shirt that says "no more boyfriends." to her Instagram. 

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"I have learned to deal with three failed marriages, which has not been easy, especially when there's children involved," Halle said earlier this year at a Q&A in Los Angeles. "[As] women, we go into marriage thinking it's going to last forever and that this is our prince on a shiny horse. That's what fairy tales taught me as a kid, and I'm kind of anti-fairy tales today." 

As a newly single woman myself, I can't help but be inspired by these women for loving themselves this much and recognizing that they don't need to have a man to be valuable and loveable. At the end of the day the only person who really needs to love you is you. 

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