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Tattoos are so symbolic that it's not hard to figure out what is really important to the people who have them. For Latinas, it's a perfect way to show our connection to our roots, our love for our culture, and the pride in being who we are and in the people who came before us.

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Obviously, there is an enormous well of inspiration in our folklore and ancestral art.

So if you want to start playing with ideas for your first, or next, tattoo, here are some of my favorites. They are so cool that I'm having trouble deciding which one I like the most. What do you think?

--Additional reporting by Alicia Civita

I feel that intense is a word that can define many of us. 1

Plus the art is gorgeous. It seems feminine and powerful at the same time.



Those colors and her fierce face show who we are. 2

This tattoo shows the richness of our culture.


"Family, where life starts and love never ends," says this one. 3

I love the font, and the message in Spanish couldn't be more powerful.

"(S)he smiles at me from heaven," says this tattoo. 4

It's a beautiful message written in Spanish to remember a loved one who has passed.


It's such an small word, in Spanish even more, but conveys so much. 5

We all need to have faith in ourselves and in others. And if you're religious, in your God.


"Letting go is not about saying goodbye, but thank you." 6

Like Dr. Seuss says: "Don't cry because it ended. Smile because it happened."


Day of the Dead is not Halloween. 7

It's one of the symbols of Mexican and Latino culture. Plus, the calaveras are so pretty.

"Family. Perhaps we don't have all the riches in the world but together we have everything." 8

So true and so beautiful.


"Kisses that dance." 9

This is what life is all about.

What about a calendar? 10

An Aztec calendar, to be precise. This one is clearly on a man's shoulder, but there is no reason why it can't be on a woman.


Say hello to Tlaloc! 11

Tlaloc is the Aztec god of rain/water. He's kind of cute in a ferocious way.

Un corazón sagrado. 12

A sacred heart isn't symbolic just for Latinas; it is very much a part of the culture of Latinas who grew up Catholic, and it feels very relevant.


"Don't be self-conchas!" 13

OMAIGA, so funny, or should we say "pun-ny"!

Where were you hecha? 14

If you were born in Latina America, a stamp of where you were made might be to your liking.


Pan dulce and a shout-out! 15

A sweet shout-out to nana. It's like a tattoo ofrenda.

For real conchudas! 16

Love how this tattoo is right on her spine. That takes backbone!


Imagery that recalls the past. 17

Images and symbolism from the past help us feel connected with those who came before us.

Our history starts before the Spanish came. 18

In the Americas, the imagery and art that was created before the arrival of the Spanish is amazing.


Where you from? 19

This tattoo makes it clear that Guanajuato is in da house!

She's Latina! 20

Everyone knows that La Virgen de Guadalupe is a proud Latina. And if they don't know, then they must not know who she is.


So much cuter than that Twitter pájaro. 21

Another pre-Hispanic bird that makes for lovely body art.

Is it coming or going? 22

¿Quién sabe? The original Aztec double-headed serpent that this tattoo is based on is made out of wood and decorated with turquoise and shells.


A Mayan bird. 23

The rendering that this bird is based on is over 2,000 years old.

Mayan design with lotus. 24

A love of Mexico led to the Mayan design being added under the lotus tattoo. They look pretty great together.


From Peru with love. 25

Isn't she lovely?

Pachamama in all her glory. 26

Pachamama is an Andean mother goddess associated with earth and time.


Let's not forget about Yemaya. 27

Yemaya is the Yorùbá Orisha goddess, the source of all waters and the mother of all orishas.

Food and culture are so tied together. 28

Certain foods immediately evoke a particular culture.


Looks good enough to eat. 29

If this makes your mouth water, chances are you grew up eating it.

Pollito asado, anyone? 30

😂 There is actually a lollipop shaped like a roasted chicken. You can't find it at your average American supermarket, but it's totally real.


How about a bony mermaid? 31

This mermaid is clearly Latina because she's all about Day of the Dead.

Let's not leave out La Sirena, though. 32

Then there's the lotería sirena, who is also Latina.


Dang, bird tattoos are popular. 33

This bird is part of the lotería family, too.

Shot to the corazón. 34

This is a hearty way to represent cultura.


Or maybe you'd rather go with prickly. 35

It's an anatomically correct cactus heart.

Trifecta tattoo option. 36

This combines food, religion, and a luchador.


Say it with a flag. 37

You can always show your pride with a flag.

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