Ay, suegras! You can't live with them, but you were crazy enough to marry their spawn, so you gotta deal. Of course, not all suegras are a pain in the pompis, but mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws don't always see eye to eye. And while the suegra might speak her mind either directly or via indirectas, a daughter-in-law usually finds herself having to be more diplomatic.

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We see you and we know there are so many things you'd love to say to your suegra, but can't. That's why we rounded up these hilarious suegra memes to say it all for you.

We hope you enjoy the memes because there's no other choice than to laugh, right?



Desperate times call for desperate measures. 1

That moment when your suegra asks you if you've got a stomach bug because you keep taking really long bathroom breaks. You end up pretending a stomach bug is the reason 'cause you can't tell her you're going to the bathroom to get away from her. 


Can a woman get a heads-up? 2

"Knock, knock!" "Who's there?" Dammit, it's your mother-in-law and you had no idea she was coming over. You strain to turn your horrified face into something that resembles a smile. 


You used to love holidays. 3

It is no longer the most wonderful time of the year, is it? 

Sometimes you get evil ideas. 4

Sometimes you get evil ideas.

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What?! Offering to do your mother-in-law's taxes shows you care, it's not your fault if you accidentally on purpose make a mistake. 


Ugh, and you can't even get away from her online. 5

A friend request?! Since when is she your friend?! And it's not really a request because it's not like you can deny her request without it turning into a huge deal. 


She's got some nerve! 6

If she's so great at raising kids, why can't her kid manage to pee without making a mess on the floor? Potty training fail right there! 


How she manages to act all innocent is beyond you. 7

One second she's stirring the pot and the next moment she's like, "I don't know why she's so upset." 

Why can't she play nice? 8

No, really. Why? Does she forget you are made of flesh and bones? 


If only you could give her the perfect present. 9

A present that says, I see your mouth and I would like you to shut it PERMANENTLY. 

Then you remember to shake it off. 10

Then you remember to shake it off.

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So what if she doesn't like you. You be you, Boo!