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One thing we love about Chiquis Rivera is that she's all about embracing her curves and inspiring other women to do the same. She has such a positive and empowering attitude towards her body, and seeing that is such a breath of fresh air. In a culture that is so focused on looking and being perfect all the time, Chiquis has found a way to love herself without caring what anyone has to say. 

The singer's confidence is clear in her photos and in the fashion-forward clothes she wears--that she chooses to perfectly enhance her assets. She uses her Instagram account to post stylish and sexy pictures of herself, looking all kinds of fierce and confident. The best part is that she often shares motivational messages in the caption to inspire her followers to learn to accept and love themselves just as they are. Slay, girl! 

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The singer owns her curves like a boss and isn't the least bit apologetic about it. Like a lot of plus-size and curvy celebs these days, Chiquis has really gone out of her way not only to love and embrace her curvaceous body, but to help break the stigma around fuller figures. Chiquis has become a great example for women and men everywhere that you can be sexy and beautiful, no matter your size. 

Honestly, this is one of the things that makes her so relatable to her fans, and let's face it, she looks great! Here's a look at all the times she's encouraged us to love our bodies more!

--Additional reporting by Angelina Vega.

She doesn't let anything stop her from having a good time. 1

She shared this photo of herself at a pool in Las Vegas and called herself a "GordiBuena." She captioned the post: "The more meat the stew has, the tastier it is!" We love the confidence!


There's nothing more beautiful and powerful than a woman who loves herself. 2

Chiquis celebrated her birthday with a sexy two-piece outfit that showed off her midsection but also her thick thighs. She used the hashtag "#ThickAlicious" to caption the post.


Chiquis is so proud to be thick. 3

Chiquis showed off her curves in these form-fitting jeans and she captioned the pic using the hashtags: "#ThickNJuicy #ThickNProud #CurvyWomen."

Chiquis took a break from one of her workouts to show off her booty. 4

"Nothing like embracing your curves...flaws and all, but there’s always room for improvement!" she wrote in the clip's caption in June 2018.


Chiquis went all the way to show off her self-love. 5

Chiquis shared a nude black-and-white photo of herself in June 2018 that showed off her best curves. "Hi, I'm Janney. With scars, stretch marks and celullite. I'm imperfect, I'm sensitive, I'm a woman!" she captioned the Instagram pic. "Take it or leave it, this is me. This is who I am."

Chiquis showed off some cleavage in this sexy yellow top. 6

"If you’re gonna do it, do it with style!" she captioned this photo, and we totally agree.


The singer looked effortlessly hot in a simple T-shirt and distressed long shorts. 7

"These distressed long shorts are perfect for this super hot weather and these SUPER size thighs! lol", she joked. 

She showed off her curves in a figure-hugging flower dress. 8

She completed her look with a cream duster.


Dusters are in and Chiquis really know how to rock them. 9

She paired a flower duster with some distressed jeans, a black bikini top  and brown platform sandals. 

She's not afraid to show off their midriff and we love it! 10

Chiquis is a fan of crop tops, and shows you don't have to be a size 0 to rock this trend. 


She's never afraid to try new trends and styles. 11

Chiquis flaunted her curves in a denim overall. 

She definitely loves a figure-hugging little black dress. 12

Chiquis inspires us all to embrace our bodies.


She makes cooking look sexy! 13

She makes cooking look sexy!

The singer flaunted her derriere in a cute flower jumpsuit while barbecuing.  

She's sexy and she knows it! 14

And she's never one to shy away from flaunting her curves, even in a bathing suit.


She wore a tight black mini dress with a cool rain coat. 15

She has mastered the effortless sexy look.

She stays embracing her big booty. 16

She showed off what her mama gave her in a pair of Fashion Nova jeans that really flatter her hourglass figure. 


She kills in it all-black. 17

And looks more comfortable with her body than ever. 

She's all about the crop tops. 18

She's comfortable wearing skin and we love her for it. Plus, her abs have been looking amazing these days!


She's not afraid to play up trends. 19

We're loving the way she combines her denim and that laced-up top is everything. 

Her body confidence is so contagious. 20

Not only did she slay in this lace-up dress, but she inspires us to want to show off our curves too!


She loves her booty. 21

Last year Chiquis posted a picture of her in a fringe embroidered jacket and medium-rise, black skinny jeans that showed a peek of skin and proved she's all about her curves and big butt. Yes, girl!

The Mexican beauty rocks a jumpsuit like a true diva. 22

She mixed this denim look with a touch of lace. It's sexy without being over-the-top.


She still shows off her bod even in a cover-up. 23

This neon one is perfect on tanned skin. 

A few Halloweens ago, Chiquis kicked up the sexy factor in this skeleton look. 24

She's curvy and proud. YAS!


For the Paley Tribute event, Chiquis wore a low-cut gold dress that was pretty curve-hugging. 25

She looks amazing in gold and revealed just enough skin.

The reality television star was totally serving up a little Kardashian vibe in this long jacket. 26

She's blowing a kiss for all of her fans--and some haters.


Chiquis proves that you don't need to be skinny to wear a crop top. 27

This casual look is fierce and proves anyone can sport this style. 

Chiquis also wore this bright coverup a couple of years ago on a family vacation. 28

She looks like pure royalty. 


Here's Chiquis in yet another sheer coverup. 29

She's owning this pose!

Chiquis changed up her hair and style to celebrate Coachella. 30

This doesn't even look like her, but she looks super confident.


Chiquis slayed in this little black dress with a sexy slit. 31

No matter what, Chiquis wears her looks with confidence. Now let's do the same.