Jenni Rivera's youngest son remembers last day with his mom in heartbreaking message

Jenni rivera and her youngest son JohnnyJohnny López, Jenni Rivera's youngest son, posted an incredibly sweet and sad message on the fourth anniversary of the last time he went out with his mom. Losing a mom is a wound that never heals, particularly so young. The teen does find some solace in leaning on his siblings and La Diva de la Banda's fans. Get ready, you will tear up when you read his words.


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"This is the last photo I ever took with my Momma, taken 4 years ago today on December 4th, 2012. Me, her and Jen went to go see Breaking Dawn Part 2 at the Arclight in Sherman Oaks. Miss these simple moments, her making me something to eat, driving me to school, family time. What I wouldn't give..." he wrote on Instagram, accompanying the photo above.

When Jenni Rivera died, in December of 2012, Johnny was just an 11-year-old. He used to go with his mom on some of her trips, but she decided to mostly leave him home at that time to not disrupt his schooling.

At the time he was in middle school. Now, he is a high schooler, with excellent grades (according to his sisters) and an interested in music and video production. He is actually the force behind the last Jenni Rivera album.

@JenniRivera Momma...congratulations. You're #1 again and you'll continue to be forever. One of the last conversations we had was about your album La Misma Gran Señora. You were worried you weren't gonna be #1 because it was a compilation album, but I reminded you that God made you the greatest and that's why you were gonna be #1. That night in Monterrey you got your gold record for that album just two weeks after it launched in Mexico. Though you weren't here to witness it physically, you were #1 for weeks starting that Tuesday. That album became the best-selling Latin album of 2013! You were #1 with that album and you're #1 with this new one! You're the greatest ever, Momma. I did this album with all my love for you. I hope you and Dad are celebrating right now. I love you. #JenniVive #JenniRivera #MyMomIsBetterThanYours #1969Siempre #ThankYouGod

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He is also one of the stars of The Riveras, the reality TV show about him and his siblings on NBC Universo. This next few weeks will be tough for him and his family. The fourth anniversary of Jenni's death is coming up and then it's the holidays.

We wish him and all of his siblings peace and light!

Image via Johhny López/Instagram

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