We know ALL about the #TreatYoSelf movement and don't shy away from girl's night in when we need it. Chocolate is always included but boys are not. However, when it comes to flowers, most of us still forget to buy ourselves some oh-so-pretty smelling beauties. As Naya Rivera recently demonstrated, here are 7 reasons to get yourself flowers ASAP.

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Image via nayarivera/Instagram

1. To make your home smell pretty 1

Whether you're a fan of roses, lilacs, daisies or night-blooming jasmine, flowers smell pretty. PERIOD. Instead of buying incense or yet another flower-scented candle, go for the real thing.


2. To easily lift your mood on bad days 2

2. To easily lift your mood on bad days

Image via Sunny_mjx/flickr

You know how it goes: The day is gross outside. It's raining and gloomy and it's put you in an absolutely HORRIBLE mood. The easiest way to lift yourself out of that awful mood? Bring something pretty into the home!


3. To match your oh-so-pretty outfit 3

You've got a really pretty new dress and you're walking around the supermarket showing it off... So why not grab yourself some matching flowers in order to up that outfit to maximum hotness level?

4. To easily decorate the home 4

4. To easily decorate the home

Image via solarisgirl/flickr

Your home is your castle, and your castle deserves the best. Get yourself your favorite flowers on the way home from work on Friday, then just enjoy the way they brighten up your home all weekend long.


5. To get over an ex 5

You're having one of those moments where crying is simply needed. Whether it's an ex weighing you down or just recent fights with your man, get yourself flowers to brighten up that mood you're stuck in.


6. To demonstrate that you've got it all 6

Sure, there are crazy days when you're running from work to home to cook and take care of the little ones, going to bed at 2am, and waking up at 5am with almost no rest. But those days can be made just a *bit* better when you have flowers around.


7. To show you don't need to wait for a man 7

Sure, it's lovely when a man brings you flowers, but what if he's just not good at it? Or what if you're single? The truth is, you do NOT need to wait for your hubby or your non-existent boyfriend for this honor. Do it for yourself, girl!