Latinos rule, we all know that. From music to food and art, we've made the world a better place, but our contributions don't end there. Many people fail to realize just how many useful inventions have been created by Latinos. Here are 8 that make our lives easier every single day. 

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Contraceptive pills 1

Contraceptive pills

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Luis Ernesto Miramontes Cárdenas and George Rosenkranz were working with American Carl Djerassi, when they discovered norethindrone, a substance that interrupts ovulation and is the base of most contraceptives.



Color television 2

Color television

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At 22, Mexican Guillermo González Camarera patented a "tristimulus system of sequence fields," which is the basis of the technology used in color televisions. 


Mop 3


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Manuel Jalón invented the mop in the 50s when it occured to him that there had to be a better way to clean his floor, other than women on their knees.

Pen 4


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The Argentinean inventor László Bíró was the creator of the modern pen. That's why Argentineans call it the birome.


Insulin shots 5

Insulin shots

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The Mexican American scientist Lydia Villa-Komaroff discovered how to make synthetic insulin, which is what millions of diabetics inject into their bodies every day.


Facial recognition software 6

Facial recognition software

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Facial recognition software is the technology used to capture the Boston marathon bombers and lots of other criminals. It was created by Mexican American astronaut Ellen Ochoa.


Heart bypass 7

Heart bypass

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Argentinean doctor René Favaloro invented the cardiac bypass, which revolutionized heart surgeries and continues to save millions of lives.

Captcha 8


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Guatemalan businessman and inventor Luis von Ahn was the pioneer of encryption systems of websites to protect ourselves from hackers and viruses.