jenni riveraJenni Rivera's dearest dream finally came true. As we know, it wasn't the tequila, the shoes or new albums that she longed for most. La Diva de la Banda always wanted to open a shelter to host mothers and kids who are victims of domestic violence. Her family did it for her and the inaugural ceremony was joyous. 

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The event 1

Juan Rivera, Rosie Rivera Flores and Jacqi Campos are part of the Jenni Rivera Love Foundation, which financed the home in Long Beach, California. Chiquis and Johnny were representing their mom. It must have been so special.


Inauguration 2


Image vía Juan Rivera/Instagram

Johnny, Jenni Rivera's youngest son, was in charge of cutting the ribbon before entering the house, that has 35 rooms and can host 35 families. Rosie explained to me in a previous interview, that the purpose is to offer a place where the moms and kids can stay together. "Many mothers chose to stay with an abusive partner for the fear of losing their children."


Jacqie's award 3

Jacqie's award

Image vía Jenni Rivera/Instagram

Jacqie Campos, Jenni Rivera's second daughter is the president of the Jenni Rivera Love Foundation. The organization, New Life Beginnings, which partnered with them in the effort, presented her "a recognition for being a woman who makes a difference in her corner of the world. Chosen for her enthusiasm and devotion to helping women and children in need."

Rosie y Chiquis 4

Rosie y Chiquis

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Rosie Rivera is also part of the Jenni Rivera Love Foundation and in charge of Jenni Rivera Enterprises. She and Chiquis are the public face of the company and have worked together  to see La Diva de la Banda's legacy stay strong.



A beautiful message 5

A beautiful message

Image via Jacqie Campos/Instagram

"And God has changed the ashes into Beauty.!!! Today Jennis refuge is open and ready to receive women and children. I'm starting to feel whole again. Thank you Momma for being a warrior and showing us that with God. There's always hope for a better tommorrow," wrote Jacqie on Instagram.

In Jenni's memory 6

In Jenni's memory

Image via Jenni Rivera/Instagram


"Today, Jenni's Refuge opened. A women and children's refuge center stationed in Long Beach. Jenni's dream has finally come true. In this refuge, women like Jenni who are going through domestic violence, women like Jenni who have nowhere else to go. They can come here and manifest from that beaten up caterpillar into that beautiful butterfly. Thank you, Jenni for your sacrifice. Thank you for inspiring us all.
If you know a woman who has nowhere else to go, who is struggling and needs help. Tell them to go to or," said the caption in a message posted on Jenni's Instagram. 


A poignant moment 7

A poignant moment

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"I'm so proud of being your daughter. To have the joy of telling the world that my mom will change lives, even if she is not physically here. Fifteen years ago you were saying that your dream was to open a home for women and single mothers for a new beginning. And look, thanks to God it has become true! . Te AMO, I miss you, but here we are doing our best to represent you the best way we can. We want to world to see that even though our fathers weren't around YOU were. We are who we are today thanks to the mother God gave us, Can't wait to see you... Hope you'll be as proud of us, like we are of you," wrote Chiquis on her Instagram feed.

Jenni's best dream 8

Jenni's best dream

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Jenni Rivera raised her five kids without the help of their fathers. She did an amazing job, and I'm sure that the moms that can be helped with this home will honor her doing the same thing.

The Rivera family say it's the first of many. Congratulations.